Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Big D Road Trip

This past weekend we loaded up and took a little road trip.  Not the foot loose and fancy free type road trip you may be imagining, but the kind you take in a mini-van (we like to call her the Mothership) with 3 whining kids, a cracked windshield, and a crick in your neck from too much turning around in your seat to hand out bottles, snacks, drinks etc.  Not to mention, all we can hear are the Berenstain Bears, and GI Joe blaring from the movie player in the back seat THE ENTIRE TIME we are on the road.  The other day Brent and I actually caught ourselves talking bad about Papa Bear!  No joke...seriously a new low for us. 

Anyway....we packed up and headed to Dallas to visit our good friends the Moss's.  They lived next door to us for several years before they were relocated to Dallas.  We miss them, but are so happy that they are still close enough we can visit every once in awhile. 

The matriarch and patriarch of the Moss fam.  Affectionately known to us as Bumpy and Gam.  :)
While we were there we got to see their youngest daughter, Sydni, compete in her very first horse jumping competition!  It was so fun, and something different we would not normally get to do.  Syd is only ten, and most of the other girls competing were older than her.  She did a SUPER job. 
Syd and her horse Sebastian

The kids and I also got to take a a little peek at that barn where she practices.  I am not a fan of horses, but I still thought it was pretty neat.  Ellie Rose held her nose the entire time we were in there because she thought it smelled bad!  She did the same thing at the rodeo earlier this year.  Haha.

I thought the horse on the right had a funny hairdo so I got his pic.
I also wanted to have a pic of the warning sign below him to add to
my "reasons I don't ride horses" list.

We asked and the instructor let E sit on one of the
horses for a bit!
The rest of the time we did a little swimming and a lot of hanging out.  I tried on a bit of equestrian gear at the Tack Shop one afternoon.  I don't like horses, but I do like the clothes.  However, I quickly learned I can't afford the clothes.  I couldn't get them off fast enough once I saw the price tags!!  B told me to be careful and make sure I didn't tear anything!  God knew what he was doing when he decided not to make us horse people.  Heehee. 
Horseshow Angie.  I think this little ensemble would have set me
back about $700.  WOW.  I didn't try on the pants...I seriously think
that no girl who has birthed children should ever be made to wear
riding pants!  :)

Devin and E

Michael, Sydni, and Ellie snuggled in with a movie

Me and The Boys

Devin, Ellie, and Bumpy
 Brent had to work on Sunday afternoon so we drove overnight to get back in time.  The kids slept through the trip this time so it was much quieter!  Sunday the kiddos all slept late and then we headed over to Meemaw's for lunch.  We relaxed over there most of the afternoon, and got to spend a little time with baby Jonah.  Rhett wasn't feeling well so it was nice to have Meemaw and Pawpaw to help entertain him all afternoon. 
It was too hot to be outside so Pawpaw took the
kids strolling around the house.  :)

Rhett with his sick eyes.  Poor baby.
We're looking forward to the July 4th holiday tomorrow!  We plan on watching fireworks at my SIL's house. 

Talk to ya soon,


  1. I'm in love with this blogging business :] Please hurry back and see me-we miss y'all already!!!!
    Love, Dev and company <3

  2. Love reading all the blogs. So, so fun!! Bumpy??? Gam??? Any explainations for the names?
    I do remember the driving trips when you were little with Eric..lots of trips and lots of fun!! That is where all my music talent and memory games came from!! And my craziness or insanity..whatever...wonderful memories to cherish...