Thursday, February 28, 2013

Marriage and Ice Cream

B and I have been married 12+ years and we have never been to any kind of marriage seminar or class.  We did the required premarital counseling at church before we got married and that's it.  Recently, the chaplain at B's work announced he would be hosting a series of marriage classes over the next few months FREE for employees of the PD.  Yay!  B signed up and our first class was last weekend.

The first session was all about communication.  B and I sort of pride ourselves on our communication skills, but I learned a lot.  And because we were the best communicators there we won a prize at the end of night.  Ok, maybe we won the prize because the chaplain's wife drew our name out of a bowl.  Actually, she drew the name "Burt", but turns out it was really Brent written illegibly.  The point is WE WON A PRIZE!  I like to win things.  Our prize was this Mr/Mrs coupon book and Mr/Mrs journal.  So fun.  I really want to use the journal to write to do lists notes for B once in awhile about things he is doing right, things I love about him, things I am praying for him, etc.  I'm sure you get the point.  It would make me so happy if he would write some notes for me in his section of the journal as well (hint hint).  I already used one of the coupons and bought him a little treat while I was at the grocery store this week.
The class was over by 7 o'clock so B gave me a quick tour of the PD (I had never been inside before - weird huh?).  It was a lot nicer than what I would have expected.  They had a Boston Baked Bean candy machine which totally made my night.  B said I was probably the first person to ever put a quarter in that machine.  I can't help that I have better taste in candy than most of the meat heads at the PD. 
My parents were at our house with the taters and B didn't have to be at work for a couple hours so we decided to make an ice cream stop.  We tried Kikkiberri for the first time.  I am a big fan of all self-serve froyo shops, and thought it was really good.  B is more of a Coldstone guy.  Ice cream is an area that we just don't see eye to eye on, but like all good marriage counselors would say "Differences in ice cream preference don't in any way indicate incompatibility."  Just kidding, I made that up.  If you're dating someone who doesn't like ice cream, or who prefers the weird fruity sour flavors, I would advise you to think twice before going much further with that relationship.  If you've already married one of these types it's going to be hard but you'll just have to learn to deal with it.  ;) 
It has become almost impossible to get a good self pic of B and I.  He just cannot produce a normal smile for the camera.  These are the only decent pics I got out of probably fifty attempts, and B is basically photo bombing OUR OWN PHOTO in the bottom one.   I wanted to try for a better one but there were a few other peeps in Kikkiberri, and the whole photo shoot thing was starting to get embarrassing.

I'm looking forward to the next class and another ice cream date after. Probably at Coldstone. A good marriage requires some sacrifice people.
Talk to ya soon,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Randomonium

1.  A friend of mine posted a movie night pic on Instagram over Christmas break.  I noticed her  kids were snacking on Easy Cheese, and realized my kids had yet to be introduced to canned squirt cheese.    I immediately rectified that situation.  We got a little bored over break so one evening I entertained the taters with my Easy Cheese art skills.  I obviously missed my calling.  Don't be jealous we can't all be gifted.  The next day I walked into the kitchen to find E sucking on the end of the squirt nozzle.  I love a good food aversion so Easy Cheese is now dead to me.  And that's probably a good thing.
2.  I wore a little cross ring the other day that was the first piece of jewelry Brent bought me when we were SIXTEEN YEARS OLD.  I hadn't worn it in years (possibly a decade, but who wants to do the math).  I still like it.  Actually I like it more now than I did when it was new.  I looked it all day and realized it is one of those things that has gotten better with age.  I like it more now because it has an emotional significance.  Sigh.
3.  It's February, it's thirty degrees outside, and the dog has started shedding.  Someone please explain to me how this is possible.  Yuck YUck YUCk YUCK!  If he so much as walks past me little hairs come rushing toward me.  I might have to stop wearing the black yoga pants that are my uniform of choice.  Maybe I could trade them for white leggings...or maybe not.  Definitely not.  Public service announcement ladies: If you are over twenty-ish and/or over one hundred pounds don't try to "pull off" wearing white leggings.
4.  Last one for today.  Because she is so cute, and because I have probably been a bit too wordy already.  Love this tater!
Talk to ya soon,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sometimes Productivity is Overrated

The taters have been working hard to drive one another crazy lately.  I am normally fine with this and read on my kindle or fold laundry (you know, my second favorite past time...bleh) while they scream and wreak general havoc on the house.  However, this Saturday I decided we were going to have a productive day together.  I was prompted in part by B mentioning that he has not been able to sleep well with all noise in the house.  I made a no electronics rule as soon as the kids woke up and made their favorite pancakes and eggs for breakfast.  Things went downhill pretty quickly after breakfast.  I attempted to have us all color some pictures together, but turns out the tyrant tater doesn't play well with markers.  Imagine that.  I also had the brilliant idea that we could all have fun playing army men together, but that didn't go well either.  Evidently, the littler taters and I don't have the skills it takes to play army men on the same level as M.  Oy!  We finally left him to play in his room and we retreated to the living room.  For the next forty five minutes or so I sat on the couch and these two sat on either side alternating between hugging me, throwing things at me, and serenading me with Disney songs while I made funny faces, tried unsuccessfully to juggle, and sang Old McDonald (the tyrant tater's favorite) until my eyes crossed.
It didn't seem they were going to tire easily nor did they seem motivated to move from beside me on the couch, so I decided that we were all going to play in M's room even if it killed us.  We went back in, much to M's distress, and I locked the door to make sure there would be no sneaking out.  Then I laid on M's bed with a pillow over my head for the next hour or so while the taters played Candy Land and Go Fish.  Just kidding...about the Candy Land and Go Fish.  I really did lay on the bed with a pillow over my head.  I think they forget I'm there when they can't see me (or in this case my face) and they actually behave better.  I can't explain it, but it's true.

The taters were signed up for PNO Saturday so the next stage of productive day was supposed to be preparing a dinner in for B and I.  The dinner fairy was a no show so we had to eat out instead.  Darn.  I chose Taste of Thai.  YUM.  B insists on making this face every time I try to take his pic so I'm just going to go with it.   I call this his "Roger face" because it reminds me of his brother.
We considered going to a movie after dinner, but opted to go home and watch a movie instead.  We love to lounge around and watch movies, but that is near impossible with the taters.  Plus, a person just needs to rest after a day of attempted productivity.  ;)  A single friend on facebook posted last week that he had just woken up from a late evening nap and was trying to debate whether to get up or just lounge around his apartment.  I wanted to scream at him to STAY IN BED because someday you'll have a tater/taters running around and it won't even be an option. 

We had some snow today and are waiting to see if the forecasted ice hits tonight.  Every time I mention school M reminds me that there's a good chance he won't have school tomorrow.  He even apologized for "all that money" I spent on his field trip that he is sure will be cancelled.  Heehee.  Remember how exciting snow days were when you were a kid? 

Talk to ya soon,

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Taters Had Their Picture Made

My friend Amy took some new pics of the Taters a week or so ago.  The turned out great.  It is so hard to get a good pic of all three of them right now.  I was happy to get one where they were all looking in the same general direction.  Amy noticed I was wearing my boots and thought to get a quick shot of all our feet.  I love that one.  I am also glad M's shoes were immortalized in picture because they were brand new and one of them has since disappeared.  :(

Talk to ya soon,

Friday, February 15, 2013

How I Spent My Valentines Day

B and I didn't have any special plans yesterday.  He had to work last night so we went to a movie Wednesday night, and are going on a date Saturday.  My friend Regan invited me to our church's Summit lunch.  I had never been before and it was really fun.  Dr. Floyd and his wife Jeana spoke about marriage and family.  I enjoyed listening to them.  I always like to hear people who have been married a long time talk about how they have made it work.  Plus, I got a free lunch!  B would be so proud of me.  Interesting fact about Regan (I am hoping she doesn't mind that I share) she wears a girls size 2.5 shoe!  Crazy right?  She is a little bitty lady.  I say this in part to explain why my head looks so big in the below pic. :)  
Since I was already in the Pinnacle area I decided to swing by the mall and see if I could put this Sephora card to good use.  This was a special treat for me because I had to cut myself off from Sephora years ago.  I was spending way too much money there each month.  It was ridiculous and I knew it.  Now I only go when I have a gift card to spend.  That's my policy.  I have had this card since my birthday last year.  See how disciplined I have become?  Please notice how big the inside of the new Mothership looks.  You would think I shuttle a baseball team instead of just the taters.
Happy Heart Day to me!
My mom dropped some goodies off at my office for the taters, and I added a couple things from us to her bags.  She always gets them really special Valentine treats.  They all got books, candy, and cake pops from Nanny.  M got pirate army men, Ellie got nail polish, and R got a bouncy ball (not the girly one in the pic) from us.
My plan was for E to let me paint her nails with her new polish, but instead she insisted on painting them herself.  Then she painted M's.  It ended up being a big mess, and I followed them around for the next hour screaming for them not to touch anything. 
I read the taters their new books, and tucked them into bed.  Then I did a couple loads of laundry because nothing says Happy Valentines Day like having clean undies to wear!   
Talk to ya soon,

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Jitterbug

Ellie had her first Jitterbugs dance recital this weekend.  It may have been one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  She was so excited and practiced all day Friday.  Michael was really supportive and kept trying to encourage her about it.  He was happy that it was on a Saturday so he got to go watch.  For some reason he thought he was going to miss it because of school.  Meemaw, Nanny, Pappa, and Ali were all able to come watch.  She has a pretty big fan club.  Somehow I forgot to charge the digital camera battery so I only got a few good pics with the camera and had to use the ipad for the rest.  There goes that Mom of the Year Award I was working on.  ;)

The first pic below is right when the curtain opened.  I thought she looked like she was going to cry, but once the music started she jumped right in. 
These are the only pics from the other performances.  I couldnt figure out how to zoom on the ipad so they aren't that great.  She is on the front row third from the left. 
My parents brought flowers to give to her after the performance.  I think she was a little overwhelmed. 
And last but definitely not least here is a little video clip from one of the dances.  She is still third from the left on the front row.  Wasn't crazy about the song, but the dance is adoreable!  **If you can't see it below here is the you tube link
Talk to ya soon,

Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm Betting on the Team from Oregon

So it was Superbowl weekend and we didn't do anything even remotely football related.  We ate a lot, but we do that every weekend so I don't think it counts.  I didn't even know what teams were playing until Saturday afternoon.  Technically B told me what teams on Friday night, but he was wrong about one of them.  Good thing I didn't go crazy buying sweatshirts and hats for the fam.  Our extreme lack of interest in pro football is obviously something we have in common.  He corrected himself on Saturday and told me the San Fran 49'ers and Baltimore Ravens were in the Superbowl.  To which I made some sort of comment about how nice it was that the game was in New Orleans because no one would want to go to Oregon for it.  And cue the crickets (chirp, chirp, or whatever sound they make).  I think now is a good time to confess I am a reformed geographobe, and sometimes I fall off the wagon. ;)  In my defense I think Baltimore, Oregon has a nice ring to it. 

We did have a lot of non football related fun this weekend.  Ellie has been on a kick of spending at least one night each weekend with her grandparents.  Saturday she stayed with my mom and dad.  Added bonus was my sister is home for awhile recovering from surgery.  I know E was excited to see her.  Cousin Brey was also at my mom's yesterday afternoon.  E is over the moon about him, and they play so good together.  She spends a lot of time playing dolls now.  It is so funny to listen to her talk to them.  Makes me wonder if that's what she thinks I sound like when I talk to babies.
The tyrant tater is really coming on with his eating.  It is such a relief after all these months of not eating at all.  He talks a lot when we are around the house.  His newest words are shoes, socks, thank you, Sparky, yucky, and ball-in-there (said as if it's one word).  Every time I turn around he is sitting by or laying on the dog.  He takes his toys and snacks straight to wherever Sparky is and plops down beside him.  I got these pics of him doing it this weekend.

Michael had a low key weekend.  I was still trying to make him a rest a bit since he didn't feel well last week.  Brent took him to game exchange Friday so he was ok to just chill and play his new game most of the weekend.  He stayed with Meemaw and Pawpaw after dinner yesterday and watched the Superbowl with them.
Peepaw and his grand boys.  :)
M and Ashleigh

 I got to go to a shower for a sweet girl whose husband works with Brent this weekend.  Baby Hudson will be here in March!  I love seeing all the cute itty bitty baby stuff at baby showers.  I got to hold two brand new babies while I was there too.  Made me realize how quickly my babies are growing up.  Sniff sniff.

Talk to ya soon,