Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Randomonium

1) My very favorite brother and SIL surprised me this week by secretly paying for my hair appointment as an early birthday present!  I'm going to assume that it was probably my SIL who came up with this brilliant idea...I am so glad she married my brother.  My roots and I thank you both for the thoughtful gift! 

2) Brent surprised me today and hired a lady to come deep clean our house while I was at work.  This was an absolutely lovely treat, and something I never in a million years would have expected him to do.  I have never had my house professionally cleaned before (NEVER).  I am absolutely beside myself at how pretty and shiny everything looks!  I didn't want to touch anything, but the kids refused to sit in the foyer and twiddle their thumbs all evening so we had to mess things up just a bit.  If anyone else out there has never had your house cleaned by a professional you should totally do it - soon!  It is sort of life changing.  I'm serious. 

3) Brent is coaching a eight year old football team this season.  The other night he told Michael he thought he might need a little help on the field, and asked if M might consider coming out and helping him coach.  Of course M was all for it...he asked a lot of questions about what type of stuff he would need to do etc.  Later that night while getting ready for bed I asked M if he was excited about helping dad coach.  He replied "Yep, and it's my first paying job."  I told him I thought it would be pro bono work, and he looked at me like I had two heads.  He said he was sure coaches got paid. 

4) Ellie Rose has become a total backseat two years old.  She tells me to stop, go, slow down, and even tells cars in front of us to get out of the way!  I am going to go out on a limb and say she has probably learned this from her Peepaw Frank.  She rides with him a lot and I think he might have a tendency to "talk" to some of the other folks on the road while he is driving.  ;)

5)  We had M's first parent teacher conference this afternoon.  He is doing great!  His teacher thinks he may have a propensity for math.  This is somewhat amazing considering I always struggled with math, and B actually failed out of a number of math classes over the years!  He did inherit B's horrible penmanship though...his lowest score was in the neatness of work category.  This is what Mrs. C wrote on his conference sheet "Michael is a sweet smart boy with so much personality.  He really seems to enjoy school and has made new friends."  Toward the beginning of the conference Brent blurts out a question that had obviously been on his mind..."Is he playing with boys or mostly girls?"  LOL...I guess dads worry about different things than moms.

6) B and I will both turn thirty two next month.  I know, I know...y'all thought we were a little sooo much younger.  :)  But it's true...the big 32 is right around the corner for both of us.  I like that our birthdays are close together so we are almost always the same age.  I can't think about being "in my thirties" for too long or it starts to freak me out a little.  I feel like I should be doing something really mature and influential.  I realize I've wasted too many hours cleaning my house when there were people out there to clean it for me and free me up to do something that makes a difference (see point #2 above - LIFE CHANGING I tell ya).  Just kidding...sort of.   :)

7) Has anyone seen that ad on the web that says something about a simple diet trick that will help you beat belly bulge and then it has a picture of a banana?  I feel like I see it every day.  I am too nervous to click on it because I fear it might contain a virus, but I am dying to know if it is indicating that bananas cause belly bulge.  It is important that I find out because if there is anyway I can blame my belly bulge on my love of bananas I am absolutely going to start.  I think that may get me more sympathy than only having too many Sonic cherry vanilla cokes and blue coconut cream slushes to blame it on!

Hope you're having a great week!!

Talk to ya soon,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Well, almost wordless.  I need to point out that in my post yesterday I listed E's age as 3.  She actually won't turn 3 until November.  Good grief, I can't even remember how old my own children are!  This is just further evidence of the crazy that is mind as of late.  The ripe old age of 32 is looking sadder every day.  Wait, I am also not quite 32 does that last line even make sense?  I had better stop typing before I totally confuse myself, or even worse before I mis-quote my mom or MIL's ages on here.  That could get ugly!  Heehee.  :)

Talk to ya soon,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Guest Bloggers (Sort Of)

We haven't had much interesting happening around here lately.  Just lots of work, homework, school, and football.  So I though it might be fun to interview the kiddos and find out a few of their favorite things.  Or at least the things they claimed were their favorites earlier this afternoon.

Ellie Rose - Age 3

What is your favorite color?  Yellow

What is your favorite toy?  Baby doll

What is your favorite movie/show?  George (Curious George)

What is your favorite food?  Cheerios

What is your favorite song?  Twinkle Little Star

Who is your best friend?  Rithika

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Police Officer

What do you love about mommy?  daddy (I love you too Ellie)

What do you love about daddy?  I want my colors (losing interest at this point)

What's your favorite thing about pre-school?  Ms.  Loretta

Michael - Age 6

What is your favorite color?  Orange

What is your favorite toy?  Army men

What is favorite show/movie?  Spiderman

What is your favorite food?  Ice Cream

What is your favorite song?   Ninja Music (my mom bought him a series of movies called 3 Ninja's and he is really into them right now.  I don't know how to describe the music, but Loni Anderson AND Hulk Hogan are in them so I'll let you imagine the music that might be in a movie starring those two)  ;)

Who is your bect friend?  Khevin

What do you want to be when you grow up?   Police Officer

What do you love about mommy?  You read me books

What do you love about daddy?  He helps me beat my video games

What's your favorite thing about Kindergarten?  PE

Rhett - 15 months

Baby R wasn't interested in my need for blog material and refused to answer my questions.  He did however approve the use of this adorable bath pic.  Who doesn't love a cute baby with big blue eyes in a bath?  :)

Sparky also didn't want to answer any of my questions, but he told me to post this video of his new trick.  The kids used to force him down the slide when he was a tiny puppy.  Apparently he has fond memories of those days.  Who knew?

Talk to ya soon,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

He's Baaack!

Sparky is back from the trainer and better than ever!  The kids and I are excited to have him home.  Brent is somewhat indifferent, but I can tell we are wearing him down.  Sparky's behavior is much improved and has really learned his manners now.  If anyone has a pet in need of some training I would highly recommend Barkansas Dog Academy.  Kristen knows her stuff and can help with all kinds of behavioral issues.  She has obedience classes starting in Rogers this week!
Thanks Kristen!
The littlest tater and "dog" have become fast friends.  I guess they have a lot in common.  They share an affinity for balls, snacks, and traveling on all fours.  :) 

 I sent this out to a few family members already, but those for those who haven't seen baby R is finally starting to take some steps.  He got on a roll the other night, and I got this sweet video of him.  I am not sure if the volume will come through but I am laughing like a goon, and yes I do call him "tootie" and "tootalicious."

I really feel like the crazy is taking over here so lately so I thought I would share the below. In case there is a day when the doc asks my family, "Do you remember when she really started losing it?” They will be able to look back and say without hesitation that it was around September 2012.

Crazy #1~  I lost my debit card in wal-mart the beginning of last week.  Immediately after I checked out I realized it was missing.  I searched my purse a few times, all my grocery sacks, my person etc.  Didn't find it  Called the store a few times to see if it had been turned in, called arvest a few times to see if it had been turned it, and finally convinced myself I had thrown it in the trash with a candy wrapper while leaving the store.  Friday morning I called and cancelled it.  Friday night R, in what could have been an audition for Babies Gone Wild, grabbed my purse off the counter and dumped the contents on the floor.  Low and behold what magically appeared?  My debit card.  Grrr.

Crazy #2~  I have a slight obsession with Vicks.  We use it a lot.  I blame my mom.  R had been congested this past week so we have been using Baby Vicks each night.  One night it went missing.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  I checked all the obvious places and E's room because she's known to stash HBA products in there.  It never turned up.  Until the next morning when I opened the fridge to get some milk and there it was.  Sitting on the shelf with the yogurt and jello!

Talk to ya soon,

Thursday, September 13, 2012

These Boots are Made for Walking

M got new boots last weekend, and he's been bugging me to wear them to school every day since.  However, he has PE each day except Thursday.  I am sure this has something to do with the current epidemic of childhood obesity, and I am all for it.  But when you have a little boy with new cowboy boots it is hard to explain that although his boots are made for walking they are not made for running around in gym class.

Alas Thursday has arrived, and we broke out the boots this morning.  Here is our little man modeling (to the best of his ability) for me.  The shoot was cut a little short because, as evidenced in the last photo, the Ipad was calling his name. 

Ellie is also quite taken with his new boots, and has found a way for her little feet to be in them several times while M was away from the house.  Shhh...keep it on the down low...he would totally not go for this!
School pictures are today and before he left M told me that the announcements said to bring your brightest smile for your picture.  Then he beamed and said "I'm bringing my bright smile and my boots!"  Sounds like he is going to let his light shine today!  :)

Talk to ya soon,

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Football, Robots, and Matrimony

Michael’s first flag football game was Saturday morning.  Brent was not home so in an attempt to get M pumped up I gave him a little pre-game speech, shook him around a bit, and slapped his butt a few times.  This conversation followed.

ME: Do you feel ready for the game?

M: Yep…I have happy dreams in my head.

ME: (Confused) Dreams about the game?

M:  No, dreams about living in a candy machine fort and having an army of robots that do everything I tell them to.

Obviously, my speech lacked a little of the gusto needed to motivate a six year old boy at eight o’clock on a Saturday morning!  Even so, he did well in the game.  He even pulled a flag…not the flag of the boy who had the ball, but still a flag.  That counts to a momma. 

Here are some game shots of our number 12.

He did alot of excited jumping up and down.

This little girl needed no speech to get her prepared.  She woke up, heard we were going to a football game, and put her game face on.  She grabbed her bat and a wiffle ball on the way out the door.  

The littlest tater was just along for the ride.
Last night an old friend of Brent’s had a celebration of marriage in Fayetteville.  These are the only pics I got.  The venue was so beautiful, and Brent had a nice time getting to visit with an old friend.
Brent and Jason
Pratt Place Barn - Soooo pretty!
While we were at the reception Brent's parents watched all the taters.  M and E were spending the night, but we were going to pick R up on our way home.  When we got there M answered the door and immediately turned around and yelled "Rhett your parents are here."  Hahaha.  I am glad they love and are able to spend time with their grandparents. 

Talk to ya soon,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Bakers Dozen Reasons I Love My Husband

Brent has been gone more than normal lately, and I have been missing him. I guess the ole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing is working in his favor right now because I decided I would do a little post about a few of the reasons I am so completely smitten with him. These are in no particular order, and are all rated for General Audiences. ;)

1. I love having him as my best friend. He knows me better than anyone else ever will or could. It is so comforting to be with someone who knows absolutely everything about your past, your present, and your hopes for the future.

2. I love his strength. He is a strong guy both physically and mentally. On the physical side, I know that no matter how much weight I gain he will still be able to pick me up if I need him to. Or maybe if he just wants to. :) On the mental side, I love that I can always count on him to be a rock for me in any situation. He is sort of an old fashioned mans man and that is how a like my men man.

3. I love that he is completely determined, against all existing evidence, that I will someday adore Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds as much as he does.

4. I love that he never complains about and actually often compliments my cooking. I know it is usually not really good, but it is nice to pretend!

5. I  love that he always notices if I have spent extra time on my hair or makeup.

6.  I love his crooked bottom tooth...even after 4 years of braces.  I also love that I can remember the day he came to my house to show me he had gotten his braces off.  I think we were 16.

7.  I love his passion for Jesus, the gospel, and our faith. 

8.  I love the way he pops his thumb ALL THE TIME.  It is a weird little habit he has.  Remember the movie Sommersby with Richard Gere and Jodie Foster?  I have always thought that no one could ever pull a husband switcharoo over on me because I would know for sure it wasn't Brent if he didn't pop his thumb every couple of minutes. 

9.  I secretly love that he is afraid of spiders/spiderwebs, and I am not.  If he sees one he tells me and I kill it.  I am brave like that.

10.  I love that he didn't let a little setback, like me breaking up with him in 7th grade because he pinched my butt (I wasn't that type of girl), thwart his long terms plans to marry me someday.  :)

11.  I love the way he loves our kids.  He is so intentional with his parenting, and I am amazed each day at his commitment to the spiritual growth of our children.  He is not concerned about them being the best at sports or academics, but instead he is concerned about WHO THEY WILL BE ON THE INSIDE when they leave our nest.  Nuff said. 

12.  I love that he will never understand why I like to read fiction books.  His words, "Why would you want to read a story someone else just made up?"

13.  I love his singing and dancing.  Pretty sure myself and the taters are the only ones who get to witness these talents regularly, but they are definitely a reason to love him!

Talk to ya soon,