Friday, July 27, 2012

Show Us Your Life ~ How You Display Pictures

Linking up with Kelly's Korner for Show Your Life - How You Display Pictures in Your Home.  I have done a little work on the picture displays in our house recently so I am excited to be able to share!

These are the 12x12 faux canvas prints from wal-mart, and I just recently bought the plastic letters to go under them.  They are on the wall in our living room.  I really like the way it turned out.  I know there are a lot of places you can purchase canvas prints, but I think the wal-mart ones are a really great value.  I don't want to invest too much in canvases because I will probably want to change them out fairly often.

 This is another faux canvas from wal-mart that I hung inside an old gray frame.  When I added the black/white FAMILY letters I got a little off center so I drew a heart on an old scrabble tile to balance it out a bit!
I bought these refurbished frames and window from a local flea market.  I added the wire (jewelry wire from the craft section) to the frames, but the window came with the chicken wire already on it.  I love this look, and love that I can easily switch the pictures out any time I want.  I probably need to replace all the big clothes pins with minis.  I think they look better. 

On our dining room buffet we just prop alot of black and off-white frames up for display.  It is easy and it saves me having to hang them all on the walls.

I recently hung this twine rope on the wall by our garage door to give the kids a place to display some of their school projects and artwork.  We had something similar in our old house and they really like having a spot to put the special things they have made. 

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