Thursday, October 3, 2013

Buffalo Float Trip

The boys floated and camped on the Buffalo again over Labor Day weekend.  It was probably their last trip of this year.  We pretty much take a hiatus from outdoor activities once the temps drop down into the fifties.  We watched Deliverance a few nights before they left because B is kinda messed up like that.  I always forget how much I hate that movie!  About a week later I had a creepy dream about B, a murder, and the Rapala fishing line clippers he always wears around his neck while fishing.  It was super weird.  It's crazy how our minds work. 

B only supplies me with a small number of photos from each trip so these are what I have to share.

This is right before they headed out.  M was more excited than he looks.  It was around 4am so I think he was just ready to get in the truck and go back to sleep.  I was ready to get back in bed too...but we paparazzi do what we gotta do.   

I didn't realize how pretty this pic was until I posted it here.  I guess this makes the pre dawn wake up call worth it.  Sort of. 

Of course there were lots of fish to be caught.
And apparently a bit of Putin-esque posing for the camera.  ;)  Do you spy the clippers?  Hint: They look like a whistle.
Ole Blue had a little issue when the outfitter went to shuttle her down to the take out point.  The voice mail the guy left on B's phone was so funny.  It was something like Hey Brent this is ____.  Just wanted to let you know we have a small problem with your truck.  We got a little way out and the u-joint fell off.  No big deal, we were able to get it back here to the store.  Just give me a call when you get in and we'll send someone down to get you.  Anyway, nothing to worry about.  Have a good time on the river.  Hahaha.  B did end up being able to drive Ole Blue home.  He just had to keep her in four wheel drive (yes it was as long a trip as you might be imagining).  Now she's sportin' a fancy new u-joint and running like new.  Except, she's old. 
Speaking of old...B's birthday is this Sunday!!  For twenty three days he'll be my senior.  Hehe.  We have some fun stuff planned for him.
Talk to ya soon,