Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Randomonium

I have a lot of random thoughts this evening so I going to do a "Randomonium" post.  I may make a Thursday evening habit of it, or I may not.  I am just random like that.  :)

Ellie was taking bites of a week day old chicken nugget in the car this evening, chewing it, and then spitting it at Michael.  He was in tears.  She is such a brute.

When I picked Rhett up from school today he was being pushed around in a double stroller with another little tater friend, and they were being fed Popsicles.  No wonder he is so hard to please when we get home in the evening.  Haha.  I am glad my kids go to a pre-school where I am confident they are loved on by the staff!

My house is a disaster lately.  I just can't keep up with the housework.  Part of the problem is that this is what the kids do when I ask them to go play while I clean.

I can't believe Michael starts school in two weeks.  I keep looking at the school supply list and thinking we need to go get everything.  I just can't bring myself to take him will make it all too real.

I also can't believe my sister leaves for college in less than a month.  I asked her permission to accompany my parents when they drop her off.  She said yes.  I would have went anyway...I mean my little sister is moving over four hours away I need to checkout the setup in her new hood.

I love love love my new refrigerator.  It is so shiny!  It really does make me happy.  When the house is in chaos I just spend a little time near the refrigerator, and all is well again.  Samsung take me away!  Note to self ~ this could also be part of the reason I am not losing weight like I want to.

Ronnie Floyd preached a great message several weeks ago out of Joshua about trusting that God is in control of every aspect of your life.  One of the statements he made that has really stuck with me is "If you RESIST change your life will stall, if you REJECT change your life will go backwards, but if you RECEIVE change your life will move forward."  This is really applicable in my life right now, and probably in the lives of most folks at any given time.  I have decided to be committed to embracing change, and trusting GOD in all things.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to think about change without hearing the stupid country song "Time Marches On" in my head.  B sings lines from this all the time when something happens or changes in the family.  That song is so depressing! 

My laundry is out of control.  For awhile the door to the laundry closet has been able to hold it back, but it is starting to creep out from under the door.  It is absolutely begging to be folded.  I keep a broom right inside the door in case it would ever decide to stage a coup, and replace with me someone who enjoys housework!

I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. Nothing big, but the length is starting to feel a little overwhelming. I want a long bob similar to what Heidi Klum had a few years ago (no bangs though). I am nervous that it might make me appear "larger" than I do now...I wonder if Ms. Klum worried about that too. :) I may post a picture, or I may not. As I said before I like to keep it random.

Talk to ya soon,

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