Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chuck E Cheese with a Snowcone on the side

M cornered me about a couple of weeks ago and tried to talk me into going with him on his next class field trip (they take a several a week in the Summer).  I told him I thought I had to work, and probably couldn't get off...blah blah blah.  BUT he persisted.  AND I started to feel guilty because I hadn't been to any of his field trips this year, and according to him "all the other parents" had.  So I agreed that I would come to the next field trip.  Imagine my distress when I looked at the calendar and realized the next field trip was none other than Chuck E Cheese!  Why hadn't I volunteered to go to the County Fair...or maybe even the Christmas Train in December?

That evening I casually mentioned to Brent that M was wanting "one of us" to go on the next field trip with him, and that it was at CEC.  To my extreme delight B volunteered to go right off!  Honest, no begging or whining required on my part.  Rescued by my knight in shining armour who chivalrously rode his horse into the den of a a giant mechanical mouse in my stead!  I really can't thank him enough...CEC birthday parties are as much as I can handle.  I draw the line at field trips.

Look at these kids.  I feel frazzled just looking at the pictures.  How do teachers do it?!?!  In true Southern fashion I am going to throw a big "Bless Your Heart" out to all the teachers I know!

  Michael and his good friend K from DOCK.  K is so sweet and he always looks exactly this with a BIG SMILE on his face.  Sweet boys!

In other late breaking Farrer Family news...E had her first snow cone the other day and I feel the need to document it!  R was asleep so I stayed in the car with him while B helped the kids order their icy goodness.  I asked him to take a couple pictures and this is what I got...Dads take the best pictures ever! Haha.

I think maybe hers was a little sour?
 The kids wanted me to take pics of their tongues when we got home.  I guess for E it wasn't so much her tongue as her entire face that was stained!  For the past week or so she asks me if her teeth are Blue every time we brush them.  :)

 And just because I don't have a picture of the littlest tater in this he is livin' it up in his car seat.  Someone the other day called his snack cup a baby Kong (like the toy you put little snacks in for your dog to keep them entertained)...I had never thought of it before, but it is very similar!
Wave your hands in the air!

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  1. The Smurfs in action!! I am sure that was what Brent was remembering while ordering!! The Smurfs, one of a kind!!!