Friday, June 29, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Kids Rooms

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life - Kids Rooms.  In our house Ellie Rose has her own room, and the boys share a room.  Even when we lived in a bigger house the boys still shared, and it has always worked out well for us. 

Ellie's room was already painted a pale pink color when we moved in.  I think it is Sherwin Williams - Pricilla.  I really like it.  I also like the pretty windows at the front of her room.  I would love to buy a chandelier for in here instead of just having the ceiling fan, but we run our fans all the time so I am not sure I would like not having one.

The small quilt at the bottom of her bed was made by my
Aunt.  She has made one for each of my kids when they were
born.  Hopefully they can pass them to their children one day!

This is her little homecoming gown and bonnet.
Someday I would like to have it put in a shadowbox.
I bought plain wood letters at hobby lobby, painted them, and
added the ribbon.  I love the way the turned out.
Play area with her little kitchen, and dress up clothes.
We use Rhett's old moses basket to store all her stuffed
Pretty windows. 
Her nightstand used to belong to my sis, and we inherited
it when she decided to re-decrate her room.  I love it.
View from the other side of her room. 
 The boys room is a little small, but we keep things well organized and it works great.  We store toys in the flatter plastic bins and put them under the bed.  This helps keep them organized/separated and gives them a home when not in use.  I am hoping the sports theme will carry them through a few years...because boys never get tired of sports - right?

With the exception of the crib all the furniture in this room was
Brent's when he was a kid. There are even places where he carved
his name (and the names of girls he liked at the time) into the wood!
My SIL gave me these cute metal framed football
and baseball pics.  There are pretty old, and so cute.
I ordered these black and white baseball prints off
ebay.  They are prints of signed photos of Babe Ruth,
Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle etc.  I really like them.

The quilt on Rhett's crib is also one my Aunt made!

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was given to Michael by his
MeeMaw.  It is a piggy bank.  He LOVES it so I think it will be
around for awhile!

I have never been a fan of posters, but M really wanted this one
and I caved.  The marine flag we bought at the Naval Air museum
in Pensecola while we were on vacation.  He has another similar
flag that is Army, but he uses that one in the "fort" outside.

Well, hope you enjoyed the tour.  I like these link ups because I think it is fun to see how other people decorate their houses.  It's a great way to get ideas for your own house too!

Talk to ya soon,


  1. Aww! Ellie Rose's room is SO sweet! I've always admiring your house keeping and decorating skills. :)

  2. Beautiful, caring,and thoughtful! Sharing a room creates bonds that last a lifetime.You are a wonderful Mother, Wife and Homemaker!The blog is so much fun for all of us! MeMaw