Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Playing Catch Up

We have been having a lot of Summer fun the past few days so I wanted to do a little "catch up" post.

Friday B and I were both off work so we took the kids to our town square, but got there a little late for the First Friday activities we were planning on.  Everything was sort of in an intermission so we decided to stay downtown and eat at the Flying Fish instead.  I really like the atmosphere there, and I LOVE the Gumbo and Grits.  If you get a chance...try it!  After we ate we headed to the splash park to let the kids run off a little energy.  You know they had plenty of it after attempting to sit still and eat for approx 30 minutes!

This pic just makes me laugh!
 Friday evening we met our friends Josh and Amanda at their neighborhood pool for swimming and a cookout.  Josh was Brent's training officer when he started at the PD and our families have gotten to be good friends over the past couple years.  I love their pool and clubhouse.  Almost every time we go we have the pool all to ourselves.  Granted, when we meet up we bring a crew of six kids all under six years old with us so there is a possibility that folks hear us coming and make a quick exit!!  :)
Josh and Brent

Ellie and Allie

M swimmin' it up

Kids Table


Jackson and Ellie
Saturday evening my parents watched the taters, and we went on a date.  Woohoo!  We love to go to the movies when we are by ourselves, but there weren't any movies on we wanted to see.  This might be the first time ever that I can remember us not being able to find something we wanted to watch.  Instead we grabbed a quick dinner...we decided neither of us were that hungry so we ate at Qdoba where B had a burrito the size of his head, and I had an entire plate of nachos. :)  We did a little shopping, and then since we were both still not really hungry we got TCBY as a "night cap"...haha.  It was nice to have some time to ourselves!  Thank you mom, dad, and sister for helping out!!
Looking cheesey...obviously we were excited to get away!
Sunday we did our normal thing...church, B left for work, and then the kids and I headed to the in-laws for the afternoon.  BUT this Sunday we got a suprise late afternoon visit from this handsome officer!  He even let me get my picture with him! :)
Wanted to post this pic of Ellie in her sweet sailor dress.  She was out in front of the house waving a little flag for awhile, and then she came inside and fell asleep holding it!

Monday we went to a swim birthday party for M's friend Knox.  These boys have been friends since nursery at FBC Bentonville, and are still in preschool together this Summer.  They both start kindergarten in the Fall! 
I think that swim aid is crampin' M's style

The littles
Tried to get a group pic on the way out, but E and baby R got in
a tift over her party goodie bag!  I think he is going to be able to
hold his own once he starts walking. 
Rhett had his one year checkup today and he looked good and healthy.  He was in the 25% for weight and 75% for height.  Long and Lean...he must get that from me.  Bahaha!

Talk to ya soon,

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  1. Enjoyed that post Angie. Your kids are so cute! The floaties don't cramp his style they're just gigantic green muscles. Hahaha!