Monday, November 5, 2012

Vein Vein Go Away

There has been a touch of the stomach bug around the Farrer House so life lately has consisted of chicken soup, Gatorade, and lots of laundry.  I figure you don't need or want a detailed description of what the stomach bug is or does so I decided to share a little about my recent Sclerotherapy.  I have been intending to post about it anyway in case there are any gals or I guess maybe guys (creepy) out there considering it.  AND I don't want you to have to whisper behind my back when you see my vein free legs in shorts next spring.  This way you'll all know what my secret is.  Haha.  I'm totally kidding.  We all know I won't be wearing shorts anytime soon!

I was at the dermatologist several months ago, for a procedure that shall remain nameless, and noticed Sclerotherapy on the Spa Services menu I was browsing in the waiting room.  I developed some spider veins on my legs throughout my pregnancies with the taters. They aren't terrible but they do bother me so I asked for a quick consult before I left.  Turns out it is a very simple procedure and is kinda, sorta, a little bit affordable-ish.  The cost depends on how many viles (?) of solution they use.  I had veins in just a few spots so they estimated it would take 2-3.  I scheduled an appointment for just before my birthday so I could write it off as a little present to myself. 

Here is what I was workin' with. I had several spots like this on my legs.  I only took a photo of the one because it was easiest for me to get to.  :)  This one is on the outside of my leg just above my knee.  I obviously will not be pursuing a career in medical photography any time soon.  Just bear with me! 
The doctor sticks you numerous times around each area being treated.  If you don't like needles this type of treatment is probably not for you.  I think it is a salt solution of some sort that they inject.  They explained to me what it was, but all I heard was "vein" and "go away."  Anyway, the solution is pretty irritating (as you can see in the photos).  There was immediate swelling, itching, and irritation.  This is the same area right after the treatment...ouch!
The nurse told me before I left that the appearance would get worse before it got better.  And that the treated areas would go through a healing process similar to a bruise.  Dark purple, blueish, fade to yellow and so on.  She was definitely not kidding.  The below picture was taken the day after treatment.  Most of the swelling was gone but lots of bruising.  Ouch again!

This is what my legs look like now 7 days later.  :0

I wish.  Unfortunately, I don't have an after pic yet because it is approximately a six week healing process. :(  But I am seeing improvement each day.  I would take another pic real quick but my new BFF's shown below make it a wee bit hard.  Me and my compression stockings are supposed to stay tight (haha get it?) for another week or so!
So I'll be back in a few weeks with an update, and hopefully a miraculous AFTER pic.  Or I might be back in a few weeks to rant about how I can't believe I wasted my hard earned money on such a frivolous treatment.  Only time will tell.

Talk to ya soon,

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