Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone has plans for a special day with friends and family.  We are getting ready for our feast here at the Farrer house.  I'm doing some cooking this joke.  I AM COOKING.  Look at my spread.  Real ingredients and everything. 
I am making my specialities green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole.  Actually they aren't so much specialities as they are dishes my fam has realized I am capable of making.  They dare not ask me to try something different.  Stick with what you know and all.  Works for me.  Oh yeah, if anyone knows where I can buy boxed sweet potato or green been casserole let me know.  I am thinking I might be able to make this cooking thing go a little faster next year! 
This time of year I miss having cable because I really really love watching the Macy's Parade.  I tried to find somewhere online to watch it live but failed.  Maybe I will be able to find it this evening. The kids are watching The Dog That Saved Christmas.  They love all movies that involve dogs.  Thank you mom for this lovely Christmas classic we can treasure for a lifetime.  :)  Sparky is in the kitchen hiding and I think hoping the kids don't try to get him to do any of the tricks the dog in the movie does.   This Thanksgiving he is thankful for taters who are messy eaters and throw rugs.  :)
This year we did a Thankful Tree for the first time.  I shamelessly copied it from a friend on FB.  I constructed this little tree in the kitchen and each evening the kids think of something they are thankful for then we write it on a tree leaf.  It is hard to keep my kids interested in something so I thought since this was sort of interactive they might enjoy it.  Here is a picture of our tree earlier this week and the list of the things each kiddo had been thankful for.  You can tell they are SUCH deep thinkers.  Heehee.
Ellie Rose is thankful for:  Bubs, her Ali, her friend Mara, Nanny. Michael, her birthday, Sparky, and Rhett
Michael is thankful for: His baby brother, his bed, Grandma and Grandpa, his school, Uncle Roger, the Lord, Daddy and Mommy, his house, his baby sister.
We have so much to be thankful for.  Today in particular I am thankful for our family and extended family.  We are all so close and supportive of one another. I take this for granted most days, but I realize some folks do not have the type of built in support system I do. 
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Talk to ya soon,

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