Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Ellie Rose!

Ellie Rose turned three on November 3rd!  Due to the sickies floating around our house we just got around to celebrating with our families earlier this week.  She was so excited.  Her birthday has been a LONG time coming this year.  She has been waiting on it since M's birthday on May.  :) 

We didn't really have a theme.  E wanted to wear her cinderella dress for the party.  I put together a Krispy Kreme donut cake and meemaw made some cute rice crispy treat cones.  Sneaky girl ate at least two donuts before the party ever started!  She was a little overwhelmed but had a great time opening her gifts.  She got a Disney Princess art set and did a little painting right away. 



On her actual birthday aunt Ali was in town, and since the Farrer boys were all sick she took E out for dinner at Mimi's and a special Build A Bear date.  She is so lucky to have Ali in her life!

Now for a little trip down memory lane.  Sniff sniff.  Where did my bitty baby go?!

One Year

Two Years
Three Years
Before I had kids and maybe even when I only had Michael I thought I would be just fine being a mom to all boys.  Now I can't imagine what my life would be like would be like without my sweet beautiful E!  Happy Birthday baby girl! 

Talk ta ya soon,

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  1. She is a very precious, sweet girl and loves her Mommy very much. Just ask her and she will usually tell you!!!