Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Randomonium

1.  I mailed the last of my Christmas cards out today!  First time ever in the history of anything that I have been to or done something early.  I feel so accomplished.  However, the sad fact is that if I am honest with myself the real reason I mailed them early is that since we moved in the last year I was worried some people wouldn't have our new address.  So my narcissistic side reared it's ugly head and forced me to mail mine early so people would have record of the new address.  There I said it.

2.  M told me tonight that he was sure I was the one moving Calvin, his elf on the shelf, around each night. Then he proceeded to rattle off a short list of places he would rather I not hide Calvin.  Bath tubs, sinks (anywhere he might get wet), outside in the weather, and anywhere he might get dirty are all off limits.  Oh and he doesn't want Calvin up too high because it might be hard to find him.  My first thought was that this turn of events was going to make the whole elf on the shelf thing a little complicated, but then I realized it actually makes it much easier.  Tonight I randomly threw Calvin down on the kitchen floor.  We'll see how this goes over in the morning. Heehee.

3.  I've found a new way to help keep The Mothership clean and avoid countless mortifying visits to the vacuums at Boomerang.  I simply take the dog with me anytime I go to the store or run errands and while we're in the car he scarfs down every last cheerio, french fry, skittle, and sometimes even a stray sock or two that I have in there!  Brilliant and cost effective...I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.

5.  My friend Devin was visiting from Texas over Thanksgiving and we got to meet her for lunch.  We love our Devin and are so glad we were able to meet up with her.  The below pic sort of shows the type of mood the taters were in while we were with her.  It was too cold to visit outside after lunch so we went to the coffee shop next door and guess what?  Turns out a small coffee shop is not really an adequate venue to house our family of five on a cold afternoon.  You live and you learn folks.  Our only saving grace was that the tyrant tater was looking exceptionally cute in his monkey hat and parka jacket.  Otherwise I think someone may have asked us to leave.

6.  I am happy to report that this evening I am at least two dollars wealthier than millions of people across this land because I didn't waste a single penny on Powerball tickets this week!!  Just for laughs I'll leave you with the below I read on the web quoting the manager at one of the locations where a winning ticket was purchased. "It's almost as good as winning myself.  People always say I'll throw a million your way if I win...but no one ever has.  I guess now we'll just see what happens."  Hmmm?  Is this guy for real?

Talk to ya soon,

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