Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

Just wanted to share a few pics of my taters doing their trickin' and treatin' today.  I saw some friends posting pics of cute themed family outfits they put together.  Some of them were really great.  I would love to do that and every year I browse online for ideas, but the truth is it's just not in my stars.  M is too stubborn to agree to go as anything that was my idea, and even if I got him on board I don't think I would be able to persuade B to dress up.  So basically it would just be too much work on my part to pull it off.  Haha.

M went as a confederate general.  Robert E Lee to be specific.  He chose his costume himself from a website.  It was between a confederate general, a revolutionary patriot, or an indian.  It is pretty evident he has been watching America: The Story of Us a bit much recently.

E dressed as a cowgirl for school this morning.  She looked darling.  She is really into all the cowgirl stuff right now.  I think it's because she has so much fun at the boot store with Peepaw and Meemaw.  We accidentally left her vest at school so we changed things up and went as a fairy princess tonight.  M was scared of almost every Halloween decoration in the neighborhood so as they would walk up to houses E kept looking at him and saying "Don't be afraid."  She's so funny.

R was a sock monkey.  I thought he was so stinking cute.  My mom randomly picked this costume up for him at Cracker Barrel..  He really liked wearing it.  He wore his costume to school this morning, but fell asleep right when we got home and missed trick or treating this evening. :(

Here are the bigger taters right before we started our rounds.  They were super excited.  M doesn't look it in this pic, but I promise he was.  He had been on the lookout for trick or treaters since about five o'clock.  He yelled so loud when he saw the first ones hit the sidewalk I am pretty sure anyone within a two mile radius of our hood knew trick or treating had officially begun!
Late this evening I found E in the kitchen polishing off what was left of my birthday cake!  As if all the candy wasn't enough.  Looks like she may have shared some with the dog too. 
 At the last house we stopped by this evening a lady told M she really liked his costume and asked if his mommy made it.  I was going to keep quiet because if she thought it looked like I could have made it then maybe I could have.  Who's to say really?  But, when asked, M earnestly replied, "No mam she paid like twenty dollars for it."  Bahaha. 

Talk to ya soon,

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