Thursday, December 6, 2012

Once Upon A Time...They Went On A Date

Once upon a time a really really cute girl and a super cool boy met, fell in love, got married, and went on lots of fun dates.  They went to movies, ate dinner with friends, and even went to ball games sometimes.  Then the really really cute girl and the super cool boy added three little taters to the mix and life got a lot more complicated.  The dates were few and far between.  The girl and boy, who no longer considered themselves really really cute or super cool (ok so maybe the boy still thinks he's super cool), became very grateful for events like Family Night Out that give them some time to go do something fun while the caring peeps at their church watch over the taters as they play.
Last weekend we took advantage of FNO at church and went out to dinner with a group of friends from our connection group.  We had a great time.  Since we don't get to do things like this often I forget how much I enjoy it!  We went to eat downtown and grabbed coffee after.  I only took the two pics above because I am just getting to know one of the couples and I was hesitant to show my crazy paparazzi side this early in our relationship.  I'm still in the "I really want them to like me" stage with these friends.  Haha.  I am not sure why I worry about this type of stuff because B's behavior will surely sabotage any good chance I have at making new friends.    As soon as we sat down he started talking about how dark it was in the restaurant and then broke out his phone and used it as a flashlight to review the menu.  Such a romantic.  Then he announced to the table that he wasn't sure why he was looking over the menu anyway because he was just going to order the cheapest thing on there!  I wish I were kidding.  We have got to get out more.  The ironic thing is people laugh at him because they think he is joking, but I know he isn't!!!  I did have a lot of fun visiting with the girls.  We talked about hair, kids, jobs, parents, more hair, and blogs.  When we got in the car I asked B what the guys talked about.  He said,"mentors and Joshua."  As in the Joshua of the Bible folks.  Guys obviously get straight to business with their conversations.  I mean I am VERY SUPER interested in mentors and in Joshua, but hello...I need to know now if ombre hair color going to be in or out in a few months!

I wanted to walk around and look at the lights on the square before we left, but B had to go to work so we were in a bit of a hurry.  This is the only pic I got because he was waving his hand in front of my phone in all the other ones trying to get me to hurry up.  His reasoning was obviously flawed because a waving hand in the pic makes it unusable, which makes me have to take another pic, which in turn wastes much more time than if he had just let me take the pictures I wanted in the first place.  Glad I got that off my chest.  :)
Ellie spent some time with Meemaw over the weekend helping finish her tree and Christmas village.  Meemaw has LOTS of fun Christmas decorations and the taters love looking at and playing with them.
When I was downloading pictures from my phone this evening I came across this video of E and R from almost exactly a year ago.  They are both such little babies compared to now.  It made me a little weepy.  E had just turned two and R is about six months.  So sweet. 
Talk to ya soon,

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