Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday B!

We celebrated B's birthday last weekend.  A few family members joined us for dinner, cake, and smores.  He is now officially older than me for a few weeks!  Saturday morning I was telling the kids that it was daddy's birthday, which led to E asking when her birthday was.  I told her it was coming up (November 3) just a few weeks after daddy's.  Later, she went in to wake B up and I reminded her to tell him Happy Birthday.  I walked into the bedroom just in time to hear her lean over him and say "Daddy, I have a birthday comin' up." Haha. She might be a little one track minded. 

Here is B blowing or rather pinching out his candles (that's how all the cool kids do it).  The kids like to be as close to the action as possible.  Disclaimer:  E is wearing panties.  It is just hard to tell in the pics.  It is near impossible to get her to keep clothes on lately.

Even though it was really too cold and rainy to be outside the kids had their hearts set on doing smores.  And when our kids have their hearts set on something it is most likely going to happen.  R and E have their cute sock monkey hats on.  Those hats are my favorite. 

I feel like I have "man hands" in this pic.  I am
hoping it is just the angle.  I definitely have
sub par photography skills. :)
B wore his new birthday boots to church Sunday.  E also FINALLY got some boots of her own (now she can stop wearing bubs) and she wore them Sunday too.  She was really proud. 

One more cute shot of baby R in his sock monkey hat, and the kiddos enjoying some of the leftover cake.  This may or not have been breakfast on Sunday.  ;)

Happy Birthday B!  We love you and are glad you're OURS!
Talk to ya soon,

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