Saturday, October 20, 2012

What Not To Wear

I see a lot of people doing style blogs now where they share outfit ideas and tell you where they buy their clothes.  I like to look at these posts, but it is not something I would ever do.  Instead I thought it might be fun to do What Not To Wear posts.  I like to look cute, but lord knows I have plenty of material for some not so great fashion idea posts.  Today I'll cover What Not To Wear unless your goal is to look like a worn out, thirty twenty something (wink), mom of three. 

M's Saturday morning football games are a weekly fashion low for me.  It is not exactly like the games are at the crack of dawn, but we have to be there at 9:30 and that is a little early for a Saturday in the Farrer house.  Plus, I have to get the three taters ready to go and if I were to get myself ready I seriously might have to get up with the chickens.  Is that a saying?  It sounds good to me...I think chickens get up early.  I mean surely they can't sleep what with the rooster crowing and all.

This is what I wore to the game last week.  My head is not in the pic because I did not have makeup on, and I am not willing to share my no makeup unwashed hair head shot with you.  However, I do share it with half the town each week at the Upward games.  Be there at 9:30am any Saturday if the suspense is killing you.  Haha.
T-Shirt: Sample from work

Hoodie: Sample from work

Yoga Pants: Hand me down from my old neighbor.  I wear these all the time.  They are VERY worn out and have a couple little holes in them.  Also, my neighb was like 6' tall and I am 5'4" 1/2 ish (yes the 1/2" matters to me) so you can imagine how good they must look on me.

Blue KEEN Shoes: These were a hand me down from my mom.  I think she may have bought them at a garage sale or inherited them from a friend...can't remember for sure.  I love them and wear them a lot.  They make me feel outdoorsy.  You know what they say about looking the part and all.  :)

Total Cost: $0!!!!  I hadn't actually realized that until I typed the list. 

Funny story about yoga pants...I was looking for some at Goodwill the other day and found something wrong with every single pair.  They all looked too worn, had discolored spots on them, or were torquing at the seams.  I began to get a little frustrated.  Then I got tickled and started laughing at myself right there in the aisle because 1) Based on the condition of above pictured yoga pants I wear EVERY OTHER DAY who am I to discriminate against worn out yoga pants, 2) I was at Goodwill for pete's sake what did I expect, and 3) I haven't done yoga since before M was born.

Lastly, a quick What Not To Wear tip for the gents.
Exhibit A: B's old high school football sweats. 
These were on the floor of our bedroom this morning which is proof enough that B still wears them.  I would never let him leave the house in these, but I can't make any guarantees about what he does when I'm not monitoring him. :)  Kudos to BHS on the purchase of a good quality sweat pant that has lasted for 16+ years.  I can't say I have ever seen another pair of pants hold up so well. 

That's it for this edition of What Not To Wear.  I'll be back the next time I cringe when I catch a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror! 

Talk to ya soon,

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