Friday, October 5, 2012

Life 101

This morning a little bird told me it was Friday.  I don't know where Monday - Thursday went but I survived them so that's a good thing.  We've been busy hence the mini blog hiatus.  I am STILL sort of adjusting to this kindergarten mom gig.  I know, I know quite talking about it already.  We all have kids in school too blah blah blah.  But it's harder than I thought it was going to be, and I want to whine about it a little. :-p

Anyway, back to a few of the things life has had in store for us Farrer's lately...    

We've had a couple of special birthday's to celebrate.  One of our favorite cousins, Hudson, turned 5.  He had a mario cart party and the kids all got caps and mustaches to wear!  M looked totally natural sportin' the stache - right?  E didn't want to wear the mustache or hat.  She did warm up a bit in time to participate in a few party games. 

We also got to celebrate a birthday with my SIL, Mandi. We went to a park so all the kiddos would have somewhere to play while we visited.  Love this girl and am so glad my bro chose to make her a part of our family!  I met Mandi years ago when she worked for wal-mart in the category I supplied.  She was super sweet and little did I know she was dating my bro at that time!  They were keeping it on the down low for some super secret surprise reason that I am still not sure I completely understand.  But that's all water under the bridge, or icing on the cake, or something like that.  
One evening I kept the Bane boys for a bit so their parents could go to some sort of fru fru choir concert/symphony thing.  I think my description of the event is a good indication of how artsy and musically inclined I truly am.  :)  While they were off acting cultured I had a taste of what it would be like to have 5 kiddos.  I wouldn't recommend it.  These were actually 5 well behaved kiddos (with the except ionof baby R the tyrant tater) and getting them all to the table for dinner was no small miracle.  I took a photo to commemorate a job well done.  Please don't look closely at their plates.  It's none of your business what they ate...the point is that I made something and then got them all to the table to eat it!  Haha.

Monday M and B both had football practices.  M's coach told the boys to go home and watch the Cowboys vs Bears Monday Night Football game.  We don't have cable so M couldn't watch.  This was disappointing to him so I was trying to explain some of the reasons we choose not to have cable in our home.  One being that there are things on TV that we don't want him and the other taters seeing.  He cut me off as I was explaining and said "Mommy, if you're talking about Scooby Doo I've already seen it."  Ummm...not exactly what I meant.  Obviously, it's a little hard for a 6 year old boy to see the logic in this no cable business!  In other football related news...the dog ate M's flags.  I have procrastinated getting new ones all week, and will be forced to brave the rain at some point today to get them.  Woe is me. ;)

M's class had a pumpkin patch field trip Tuesday.  B chaperoned and took E with him.  She was so excited to get to go.  She desperately wanted to ride the bus with bubs, and talked about it for several days leading up to the trip.  I told her she wasn't big enough yet but she was growing every day and one day she would get to ride on a bus.  When she woke up Tues morning the first thing she said was "Am I all grown up now?" 

Wednesday evening M was playing a game on the computer before bed, and I was doing a little organizing in the garage.  When I came in he was standing in the hallway crying his little eyes out!  He had tried to switch to a different game and a "scary commercial" came on (I assume some Halloweenish ad).  Poor baby was so upset.  Darn that internet!  He asked if I could call the people who make the game and ask them not to put scary commercials on sites where kids play.  He also asked if he could sleep in my bed.  This is the face he was making when he asked.  I'll let you guess what my answer was.
This boy also tried to claim scaredy cat dog and get to sleep in my bed, but I wasn't buying it.  I assured him he would be safest behind bars and sent him to his crate. 
Last night we had an impromptu dinner with some new friends from the PD, tomorrow is B's 32nd birthday, and today is rainy and cold.  Someone thinks I am going to sit here all day and let him be a footstool.  Don't tempt me dog.  I seriously have dreams of sitting and doing nothing for an entire day.  Usually there is not a dog under my feet, but I can be flexible!
Talk to ya soon,

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  1. Angie, love reading your blog--hadn't seen pics of baby R for ages. Don't toss the iron--will be in museum someday along w/ 8-track tapes and BW tvs. The kids will be amazed that you had one. Oh Happy Birthday from Sacramento!!