Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Houston...We Have a Kindergartener

We had a big morning in the Farrer household....M's first day as an official Kindergartener!  He woke up excited and ready to go.  He verified with me several times that his lunch was packed the way he wanted, and we agreed to disagree about him thinking it wasn't necessary to carry his backpack today since we had already dropped his school supplies in his cubby. Then we were off!  I honestly expected to be a little weepy and emotional, but I was all smiles.  Just proud of the young man my little boy is growing into. 
Sweet boy with all his Kinder-Gear! 

At his desk in Ms. Chambliss's room.

Walking in for orientation earlier this week. 

He was all smiles after school and gave me two thumbs up when I asked about his day!  He followed this with a two thumbs sideways which he thought might look "awesomer."  I'll let you be the judge of that one. 

A couple of noteworthy outtakes from our after school conversation...

Me: Were you happy with the lunch you brought?  What did they serve in the cafeteria?  (Secretly hoping there was something on someones lunch tray that caught his eye so I don't have to slave over sandwiches and cheez-its every morning)
Michael:  Oh yeah, I was glad I brought my lunch.  If you don't you have to get these little trays, sort of like what they have in a prison, and go into a little room to get your food.  

Yes Michael, that's just like in a prison.  Bahahaha.

Me: I'm happy you had a good day my little Kindergarten Boy
Michael:  Ummmm, I think you mean Kindergarten Man.

Love me some Michael Brent Farrer!!!

Talk to ya soon,


  1. How sweet! He is so funny, Love him!!!

  2. Yes Michael will have kindergarten all figured out shortly! His little mind is as sharp as a tack and always thinking of solutions; well some folks may call them debates but Nanny Sheila believes them to be solutions. He truly is a pleasure to be around and lvoes his family immensely.