Monday, August 20, 2012

Raising a Modern Day Knight

Last year a good friend and mentor of Brent's recommended Raising a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis.  We both read it and loved the concept right off.  The book focuses on how to instill in your son a masculine vision, a code of conduct, and a cause (Christianity) in which to invest his life.  Using the medieval process of knighthood as a model Lewis shows fathers how to create ceremonies and events at different stages in a boys life that set the stage for a boy to enter into manhood successfully.  I would urge anyone who likes to read, and is raising boys to consider reading this book. Even if you don't decide to do the ceremonies you'll definitely get something out of it. 

The type of ceremonies you want to have and how often you want to have them are completely up to you. There are ideas in the book, and the author gives examples of what he did with his boys, but you come up with your own specific plan for your son. I even plan to do a modified version with Ellie Rose as she gets older.

Michael turned six, started kindergarten, and trusted Jesus as his savior recently so Brent decided to have his first ceremony a few weeks ago.  He invited a small group of men who are positive role models in Michael's life over for pizza one evening.  Later, Brent presented Michael with a plaque to commemorate the beginning of his journey to manhood. 
We are so glad each of these men are a part of Michael's life. 
Just for the record my bro was there too, but he took the pic.  :)

Brent and Michael with his plaque!

The scripture verse is Proverbs 4:3-4 For I was my
father's son, tender and only beloved in the sight of
my mother.  He taught me also, and said unto me, let
thy heart retain my words: keep my commandments
and live.
The future holds great things for this boy!

Talk to ya soon,

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