Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Other Littles

Whew...I have to say Kindergarten is completely wearing this mama out!  They keep talking/sending notes about how your kid may be really tired or cranky during the first few weeks, but the only tired body in this house right now is mine.  I never knew it was so much work...the lunches, the homework, the nightly clothing prep, and the countless hours in the car rider line (in 100 degree heat).  I normally wait up for B to get home in the evenings, but he said here lately I am konked out when he gets home.  I am hoping I adjust soon, or else I have a looonnnnggg twelve years ahead of me!!  :)

Since my last couple of posts have been about M, I thought I would focus on the other littles today.  They are still here, and doing their best to keep me busy while M is at school. 

E is really talking up a storm now.  She uses sentences and correct grammar most of the time.  She told me the other day that someone "was not being patient," and she was spot on with her assessment.  She is hooked on Dora, Calliou, and The Wonder Pets...she watches them on Netflix all the time.  She usually sings along with the songs and I love to listen to her.

She has been helping Pawpaw and Meemaw at the boot store on Thursdays this summer, and really has a fun time with it.  She likes to do a little shopping, dress up, and play cowgirl while she is there.

We were watching her sleep this morning (unfortunately in our bed), and B was describing the ways she resembles a cabbage patch doll.  Judging by this photo I say he is right. 

She is still spending time working on her makeup.  I think she may have a future as a makeup artist to the stars!! 

If the makeup artist thing doesn't work out I know she will be a good mother.  She practices that all the time too.  She is really strict.  When her babies are in bed they are ASLEEP and there is no getting back up.  I think I may need to start practicing some of her parenting techniques.

The littlest tater is starting to come into his own lately.  He is much more vocal now.  All of his words sound like "hee," but like all good parents we have learned to turn "hee" into a lot of things!  R and E have really started playing with each other instead of at each other.  It is really sweet.  A few times lately I have heard R and thought he was distressed, but then realized he was just chuckling at something him and E were doing.  :) 

He has FINALLY started eating well so we are feeding him every chance we get!!! 

This looks like a food induced coma...maybe we
should lay off the eating just a bit!  Heehee.
He got his first set of wheels for his birthday in June and he has just now started learning to ride.  He had his first wreck this morning, but didn't let it get him down. 

Here he is trying to play hide and seek with E.  I don't think she was as into it as he was.
R's favorite toy right now is any kind of ball.  He had one in his crib for bed the other night, and when I checked on him later he was still holding it in his hand.  So cute.

He is also learning to cope with constantly being tortured by his older brother.  If the person who purchased this pincher toy is reading (and I assume you are because I think it was a grandparent) please remind me to bring it to your house next time we head your way.  :) :)

I've got to run.  Laundry, lunch boxes, and Tuesday folders are calling my name!

Talk to ya soon,

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