Monday, August 13, 2012

Cold Front

It has finally cooled off and we are venturing into the great outdoors again!  This weekend we took the kids to Tanyard Creek nature trail for a little hike.  It is usually so nice and green there, but everything was dry and brown!  Most of the water was dried up too.  I kept Ellie going by making a Dora type game out of the hike (where are we going?...clap clap the waterfall) over and over again.  It was slightly desperate at times, but I DID NOT want to have to carry her!  The kids weren't able to swim because of the water being so low, but we had a good time and are grateful for the nice weather!

I really wish they made these backpack carriers in adult sizes
B is a strong guy and I think he could carry me.  Oh, all the
places we could go.  ;)

One of the kids took this pic of baby R.  I think it is a pretty
shot of his big blue eyes.
We signed M up for flag football last week, so the boys worked on some drills this weekend.  M has never played football, but we hear at this age it is just a chaotic mess of running screaming kids.  He mastered running, screaming, and chaos a long time ago so he should do great!  Haha.

The taters got a new sprinkler from Nanny Sheila this weekend.  They spent a little time tonight running through it.  It is always more fun to run through sprinkler a) without a shirt on  b) while wearing a chalk smock! 

M and E were freezing after the sprinkler and went straight in for a hot bubble bath. The way they were acting I'm surprised they didn't ask for cocoa!

Talk to ya soon,

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