Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Washateria

The first time I saw a Washateria was when I was a teenager traveling to south Arkansas to visit Brent's family. I thought it was a joke when I saw the sign, and couldn't believe it when B said it was actually quite common in the south.  Kelly's Korner hosted Show Us Life - Laundry Room (or Washateria) this weekend, and I was on there looking at some of the tours yesterday. There are some folks out there with some very fancy laundry rooms. I started thinking "what if there is some girl out there with a small 6x6 room that houses her twelve year old mis-matched dent and ding washer and dryer looking at these pics and feeling like she is only one out there with a shabby (and not the "chic" version) laundry room?" So, in an effort to help diversify the tours I am going to go ahead and link up and show you my laundry room. Actually, BOTH of my laundry rooms. :)

Here is my "main" laundry room. It is small enough that I had to stand outside the door to get a picture of it.

My washer and dryer were purchased at a dent and ding store twelve years ago when I got married. I would love to have new ones, but the policy in our house is something like, "if it still works you can't spend any $$ on a new one." At least that's the policy Brent is always trying to force on me. :)  A few months ago the dryer started making a really awful noise and I had to call a repairman to come look at it. While he was working I did a little online research and found a good deal on a beautiful new front load set.  I did this because I just knew he was going to tell me it was time to get rid of the dirty old thing.  Who even has a dryer that lasts twelve years?  I'll tell ya who...THIS GIRL.  Not only did he tell me that it was fixed, but he told me that it should easily last me another five years or more!  Obviously B and I made a very a well informed dent and ding purchase...grrr!

Anywho, back to the laundry room...It is very plain and a maybe a little sad, but clean right? So clean.  You might wonder where is all the laundry that might normally fill up the washateria of a family of five?  That laundry my friends is kept in my secondary laundry room otherwise known as the "laundry table."  Wah lah!

Yes, unfortunately my dining table has to serve as a laundry room at times.  Actually, I guess I should say fortunately I have a large dining room table that is able to serve as a laundry table when needed!  I am a glass half full type girl after all.   For those of you who are contemplating attempting this at home please note it is NOT as easy as it might look to stack a bunch of clothes on a parson chair as shown in the pic above.  At the old house I had a large bathroom, and often times I used the whirlpool tub as a clean laundry depot...I am full of great ideas ladies!  And obviously I have some kind of obsession with seeing how long I can go without putting away clean laundry. 

That concludes this tour of the Farrer Family Washateria.  My sincere hope is that it will make some girl out there feel a little better about her laundry situation!   BTW...if anyone has any experience with laundry fairies please let me know.  Do they work like the tooth fairy?  Stick it under your pillow and it will be gone in the morning??  :) :)

Talk to ya soon,


  1. Andrea "Andi" LindseyAugust 30, 2012 at 4:42 AM

    Angie... you crack me up!! I love reading your blog. I miss your sweet family and FBC more everyday.. :)

    1. Miss you too girl! Love seeing your updates on FB. Can't believe you moved AGAIN.

  2. Love the Washateria and I would not have believed it neither until evidence and proof!! I do think your washateria may look better then mine!! Laundry is a big chore for me too!! Possibly a genetic or hereditary thing!!