Monday, January 7, 2013

What Not To Wear - Even on Christmas Break

We're just getting back from Christmas break and fashion has not exactly been a priority for us lately.  We have spent lots of time in our pj's and we may or may not have scaled back our bathing and teeth brushing routines just a bit.  We take our breaks seriously folks.  After my last What Not To Wear post I mentioned that I would be back with more the next time I cringed when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  Well, it happened.  Let's talk about What Not To Wear out in public even during Christmas break. 

This is the outfit I wore to run errands last Saturday.  Errands that involved me getting out of the car, walking myself into various retail establishments, and making contact with members of the general public.  I had spent the morning cooking breakfast, doing laundry, cleaning the floors, and dressing the taters.  Before I knew it everyone but me was ready to leave.  I hopped in the car without a thought to what I was wearing.  Not only did I go out in public like this but I tested an elliptical machine while Brent looked at weights in a sports store.  Must have been quite a sight!  I didn't notice until later that evening how crazy I looked.  My self pics are terrible so I also had the taters try to take some full length pics of me.  This is the only one that turned out semi ok.  I looked a little pregnant/bloated in most of the others.  I think it was just the angle...definitely the angle.  Haha.
T-Shirt: Hand me down from my old neighbor.  It is old, very pilly, over sized, and major comfy. 

Navy Sweater: This is actually a cute piece I snagged from sisters closet at some point.  It just prefers not to be worn with sweatpants and a peace sign tee.

Sweat Pants: I bought these on craigslist when I was pregnant with E.  I have no idea why I purchased sweats on craigslist, but I did.  In the three years I've owned them they have shrunk a bit so they are way too short to wear with tennis shoes.  Hence, I chose to tuck them in to my slipper boots.  Confession: I have actually "tight rolled" them a few times and worn them with flip flops or TOMS.  No Words. 

Red Buffalo Plaid Slipper Boots: My mom bought these for me a couple Christmas's ago.  They are sort of a cross between slippers and boots.  I think the intent is slippers but they have a thick enough sole I can get away with wearing them out and about.  I am not saying I should wear them out, but I do.  The elastic top also makes them oh so convenient for a girl to tuck her too short maternity sweatpants in to. 

Total Cost: $3?!?!  I don't really remember how much the sweats cost, but if I paid more than $3 to some girl on craigslist I was robbed. 

And just because it makes me laugh...M also had a What Not To Wear moment while shopping with my mom and sister this weekend.  He tried on skinny jeans.  I guess he is proof that just because you're skinny it doesn't mean you can wear skinny jeans!
Talk to ya soon,


  1. Praise God he did not like the skinny jeans!! I think his Daddy would be a little tough on him wearing those to school or church!!