Monday, January 14, 2013

Jump Around

We finally got a pretty day last Friday to really try out the new trampoline.  I seriously think the taters could jump all day, but B and I both felt winded after about ten minutes.  It didn't matter because the kids loved just jumping all around and on top of us while we were laid out "resting."  It is cold again now, but we have the memories (and sore legs) to keep us going.

Never trust your husband to takes pics of you on
a trampoline.  I wouldn't even post, but I thought
it was notable that I was getting some exercise. :)
AND never trust your wife to takes pics of you on a trampoline.  Bahahaha.
I finally bought a new charger for the Jeep so after months of no wheels E was able to do a little driving.  It's not that I finally remembered, but more that I finally got the right one.  I have been using process of elimination over the past three or four months to decide which charger we need.  You know, just to keep things interesting. 
Baseball season is just around the corner so the boys broke out the ball and gloves and got a little practice in while they could.  I was excited to see the email about baseball signups because it means there is hope that nice weather will come again!  If only I can make through the next two months.

Talk to ya soon,

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  1. I believe Ellie needs her own vehicle now. And PINK is definitely her color!