Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Hip Hop New Years Eve

I bid farewell to 2012 in bed, around eleven o'clock, watching this...

VH1′s 40 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of the 90s

What can I say...we obviously like to live on the edge and have a deep appreciation for good music.  I can actually only remember staying up until midnight a handful of times over the years.  It's funny because I normally stay up past midnight every night, but when someone tells me I HAVE to stay up I suddenly can't keep my eyes open after 9 pm.  I guess I'm not a pressure player. 

B and I were able to getaway for a couple of days after Christmas without the taters so we spent New Years in Branson.  We had fun and were able to do some things we like to do but don't always get a chance to.  We slept really late every day, ate wherever/whenever we wanted, watched three movies, and did some leisurely shopping (heavy emphasis on leisurely).

I am a people watcher so I was pretty excited about the view from our room.  Each morning Brent would go to the gym and I would sit right here and watch people for an hour or so.  For my amusement, or maybe because they are paid to do so, the housekeeping crew at the hotel wheeled massive carts of linens across the street every morning.  I would have missed this had I decided to go run on a treadmill or something.  I was talking to M on the phone one morning and he asked where daddy was.  I told him daddy was in the gym and I was in the room.  He replied, "oh yeah because you don't workout."  Heehee.

The kids had a blast with their grandparents and didn't want to come home.  The older taters even stayed one more night after we got back.  We are glad they love and enjoy spending time with their grandparents.  I'm so thankful for this one on one time with my love man (that's for you B)!  It was a relaxing and refreshing way to start the New Year.   

I'm not much for resolutions but have been thinking about doing the One Word 365, or at this point 359.  I think I know what my word is going to be.  Anyone else participating?  I'd love to know what your word is.

Talk to ya soon,

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