Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dear Mr Sunshine

We miss you!  Please shine down on us again.  We are worn out with this dreary weather.  We want to spend some time on our new trampoline, but it is always too cold or rainy.  Here are some pics to remind you (and our momma) of how much fun we can have when you come out to play with us. 

With Hope,
The Farrer Taters 

Seriously hoping for a little break from this weather.  Glad for the warmer temps, but rain rain go away!  It makes me want to eat and sleep.  Neither of which were high on my list of things I wanted to do in the New Year.  Wait, I take that back, sleeping was definitely high on my list of things to do more of in the New Year.  However, being a full fledged adult, wife, mother, and employee I don't really have the option of sleeping away a cold rainy day.  And that makes me a little grumpy.

Talk to ya soon,

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