Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Witty Christmas Post Title Here

I thought for about ten seconds a long time and couldn't come up with a clever title for this post about all things Christmas here at the House of Farrer.  Please feel free to be more creative than I had the energy to and insert a title of your choice. 

We started our Christmas celebration on Sunday with a Sweeney family Festivus.  Ok, ok, I think I was the only one who considered it Festivus and am pretty certain the rest of the family doesn't even know what Festivus is.  But...there was food, family, feats of strength, and possibly some airing of grievances so I think all we were missing was the pole. :)  There were a few sickies in the fam so we were short some of our favorite people, but we all tried to have a good time anyway.

Jonah's First Christmas

Susie, Deb, and Danny 

Ellie Rose and Meemaw

The Tyrant Tater snacking
Cousin Lindsey and her husband Cody are about 
to welcome twin girls to the family in a few short
Cousin Love
Feats of Strength
Wrestling the head of the household

Christmas Eve all of Brent's immediate family headed back over to his parents house for our annual Christmas Eve feast and program.  Traditionally we go to church Christmas Eve night but B was sick this year and I was slaving over a green salad to contribute to our dinner so we didn't make it. We ate a big ham dinner, read the Christmas Story, and the kids sang songs before we opened presents. B's parents recently had most of their old home videos converted to DVD so we watched some of those late into the evening.  It was so much fun to see the Farrer and Sweeney families at Christmas 25+ years ago. 
Karel, Meemaw, Sara and my SIL Leah
M asked if he could wear his tie because he wanted to look like a mayor!
 E singing "Jinger" Bells

 M singing an original song of his about the meaning of Christmas. 
 E got a new bike and has been riding it all around meemaw and peepaw's house.
M got a new train track and he is all about it.  Seeing him play with this made me realize he has almost outgrown his Thomas train tracks.  :(
 And...IT JUST KEEPS GOING.  Christmas morning we open presents and stockings at our house before we head to my moms for breakfast.  This year we set out cookies for Santa, but since M knows there is no Santa he wanted to get up and eat the cookies to help surprise E.  We agreed to let him and he was so excited to be part of the secret!  Brent had to drag the taters out of bed around 8:30.  We are fortunate to have late sleepers and even on Christmas they were trying to get all the zzz's they could.  We got the kids a trampoline this year. It ended being a little anti-climatic because it was absolutely  freezing Christmas morning and hasn't warmed up much since.  Jump time has been scarce.  Oh well, they will love us for it in the Spring. 

My mom's tree was sooo pretty!
Rhett and Nanny
Funny cousins
Ali and Ellie listening to the Christmas Story.
Mandi and Brey
Every year my mom does waffles, Canadian bacon sandwiches,
and orange slices for Christmas breakfast.  YUM.
Brent and I took all of our lights and decorations down the Thursday after Christmas because we were just ready for it to be done.  M cried when I took the tree down and asked if we could just leave it up for decoration all year. Such a sweet boy.  We were out of town this weekend and there were still decorations up everywhere.  I started feeling like maybe we rushed the take down a bit.  :/

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!

Talk to ya soon,

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