Friday, May 31, 2013

Thursday Randomonium

1.  We had bad storms here tonight.  B was working so the taters and I took cover in our master bath potty room.  It's a tight squeeze, but I feel like it's the safest place in our house.  After about 30 mins I decided I was going to go check the weather on the computer.  For some reason instead of just having the kids move around a bit to let me out I chose to exit via the toilet seat.  The seat didn't cooperate and instead launched me out the door sooner than I had planned.  No taters were injured in the accident, but my derriere may never forgive me.
2.  Last week M realized he had a tooth he had forgotten to set out for the tooth fairy when he lost it.  We set it on his nightstand at bed time and this conversation followed.

M: I really hope the tooth fairy takes my tooth with her this time.

Me: (walking around picking up his room) Uh huh.

M: Mommy look at me.

(I look at him)

M: (Repeats Slowly) I really hope the tooth fairy takes my tooth with her this time. 

Me: Okay Michael.

M: (Asks for E and TT to leave the room...then leans in and whispers) Mommy I know YOU are really the tooth fairy, and I want to make sure you take my tooth tonight.  I don't want it left on my nightstand...okay? 

Oh this boy!  Only four lost teeth in and already the tooth fairy seems to be going the same way the Elf on the Shelf did last Christmas.

3.  I made a pot of cabbage soup this week.  I feel very accomplished when I make things like this.  While I was preparing it I noticed that my little prep area looked all a real cook resided in my house.  I thought Oh, I'll take a picture of this so I can brag about it on the blog.  When I downloaded the picture I noticed something funny.  Do you see it?  There is a big bag of chicken nuggets and a box of frozen corn dogs on the counter too!  Those were leftover from the taters lunch.  Busted! 
4.  B and I had dinner at Genghis Grill the other day.  There is no story here but I thought he looked handsome in this picture.  :)

5.  During afore mentioned dinner B mentioned that he always thought I liked Cyndi Lauper music, but I never seem to respond to it when he plays it.  Seriously B?  Cyndi Lauper?  Then again, this is the same man who thought I would think it was "funny" when he played Michael Bolton's How Can We Be Lovers If We Can't Be Friends through the bathroom door the other day when I was irritated with him.  Twelve plus years of marriage and he still has a lot to learn.  ;)

6.  I found this coupon when I cleaned out my purse recently.  It expired in August 2012, which means I have probably been carrying it around for about a year.  Odd, considering I would NEVER eat a Sonic breakfast burrito.  I don't have anything against anyone who would though.  I obviously can't judge (see number 3).  It's just you have to draw the line somewhere and I choose to draw it at fast food breakfasts.  Unless a Route 44 Cherry Vanilla Coke before 10 AM counts as that case I'm all in.
Talk to ya soon,

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  1. maybe next time Brent will put on Michael Bolton's "When A Man Loves a Women" while you are irritated! If Bill did that for me I would forgive him in a moments time and totally forget what I was irritated about!! LOL!!!