Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our Weekend

We had what B would call a weekend of excellence here at House of Farrer.  This was in part because he installed a new starter in his truck Saturday morning.  It was a one man job, and that one man was my husband folks.  He strutted around the rest of the weekend.  I think this was the first time he didn't utter a single protest over me taking his picture.  I wish I could channel this sense of accomplishment when I unload the dishwasher or mop the floors.
M had another baseball game Saturday.  I had to scream his name like five times to get him to look at me so I could get this stellar shot.  I would love to think that was because he was totally wrapped up in the game, but I'm pretty certain that was not the case.  Oh well, he looks completely adorable, and we all know looking the part is half the battle.  I think George Washington said that.  And I'm pretty sure that's why he powdered his hair.  ;)
 E had a dance recital Saturday afternoon.  She did routines to Pizza Dance, Secret Agent Man, Stayin' Alive, and Hard Knock Life.  Like the Super Mom that I am I failed to charge the camera and camcorder batteries so I had to take pics with my phone.  This happened to me at the last recital too. I have got to do better next time.  As God as my witness...I will never be at a recital without appropriate recording devices again! 
Maybe I should also get a phone with a better camera!
E is in the very center (7th from the right) in the below video
M and E spent the night with nanny and B was working so the Tyrant Tater and I had some quality time together.  Sometimes when it's just him at home I feel like I don't even have kids.  Literally, I forget about him and find him climbing on chairs and trying to pull lamps off tables.  He has the cutest puppy dog eyes he gives now when you catch him doing something wrong.  Makes me laugh every time.  It won't be funny in ten years, but for now I'm laughing. 
Sunday we went to church and then I headed to my parents house for the afternoon.  They had filled up their baby pool and the taters had a blast in it most of the day.  
E planting flowers

Checking out a caterpillar in a cocoon on the deck
TT wanted NO PART of the pool fun
Helping Ungle Greggy hollow out some gourds to make birdhouses
B and I always laugh at how we thought when we bought a smaller house we were going to feel too cramped.  The truth is we are normally all within a five foot radius of one another anyway.  It's like we navigate the house as a pack, or herd, or gaggle (Michael informed the other day this is a large group of geese).   I told him I already knew that.  Of course.  What kind of mom wouldn't already know that?  Heheh.  Anyway, my point in all this was just to say that this is how I found the taters at bed time Sunday.  They all wanted to sleep together.  And the dog wanted to sleep wherever they were sleeping. Sometimes they're pure sweetness.
Talk to ya soon,


  1. Ok Angie time to confess!! You discussed with me that you HAD to look up "gaggle" to verify Michael knew what he was talking about!! We laughed so hard over that!