Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day

The taters and I kicked off Summer and Memorial Weekend with a trip down South for the First Annual Sweeney Family Gathering.  The Sweeney's are B's mom's side of the family.  The weather was perfect, there was lots of good food, and plenty of great people to visit with.  This is a pic of the entire Sweeney crew.
It was so warm in Little Rock that the taters convinced me to let them swim at the hotel.  Turns out the water was freezing.  I tried to get in with E and had to get right back out.  They mostly chose to play around on the steps.  I'll still take credit for being the first to take them swimming this year!
We got home late Sunday afternoon.  That evening I read to M and E about the history of Memorial Day and its significance in our country.  We talked about our gpa Farrer and gpa Griffin who both served in the military and were in WW2.  M had the idea that since our grandfathers graves were too far away to go visit we could put flags on Georgia's grave instead.  Monday we went to the cemetery and decorated her grave.  M sang an impromptu song he made up about Georgia.  He was so serious about it...that sweet sweet boy!  We drove over to the older side of the cemetery and looked at some of the really old head stones.  We saw one from 1864, which prompted B to conclude that there were some really old dead people in there.   :)
 We spent the rest of Monday hanging around the house, taking naps, and relaxing.  Then around nine o'clock we decided it would be good to make a quick Sonic half price milkshake run.  I can see that this half price shake thing might become a problem for us this Summer.  B tried the Oreo cheesecake shake and it was terrible.  The rest of us had "normal" flavors and they were absolutely delicioso. 

Hope your short week is off to a happy start! 

Talk to ya soon,

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  1. For once I have no words for this picture. Very humbling and sweet.