Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Candlelight Dinner for Five

We had a pretty low key Tuesday.  B and were both off work so I spent the morning grocery shopping at our brand new Harp's store.  I only had a small list of items, but spent almost two hours in there.  It is a pretty store and since I was by myself I decided to browse around a bit.  I even bought a bag of almonds from the self serve healthy snack display simply because I couldn't walk away from that beautiful wall without buying something.  I like to throw financial caution to the wind when I'm at the grocery store.

M had his first baseball practice last night.  E may have been just as excited as her brother.  She threw a big fit right before they left because for some unknown reason she thought they were leaving without her.  She knows the drill now and takes her own bat and glove, but always says "only bubs will go out on the field."  Sweet girl.  I can't wait for her to be old enough to participate in a team sport.  She is beyond ready.  And no the irony of me saying she threw a "big fit" and then referring to her as "sweet girl" in the next sentence is not lost on me.  Maybe she comes by her quick mood swings honestly.
 While they were gone the tyrant tater napped so I had time to make something a little more interesting than usual for dinner.  I decided on salmon patties and baked potatoes.  Interesting is relative people.  If you eat hamburger helper more than once a week salmon patties are highly interesting.  Not that we eat HH more than once a week...who would do that?  Gross.  Ok, ok, maybe we do eat a bit much hamburger helper.  Get off my case about it already.  This was only my second time EVER to make salmon patties.  I text my friend Devin this pic while I was cooking them and told her that 1) They looked a little on the large side and 2) They looked a little on the well done side.  Honestly though the way things look is the least of my cooking woes.  They tasted great.  Again with the relativity.  They tasted better than hamburger helper.
When I was a very young girl we would sometimes make home made pizza and eat in candlelight.  I'm not positive if the candlelight was saved just for pizza night, but for some reason to me candlelight = homemade pizza.  This memory randomly popped into my head yesterday, and I decided we would try to keep the candlelight dinner tradition alive. Albeit with blackened xxl salmon patties instead of pizza. :)  I already had the candles out when B and the taters got home.  B stuck his head in the kitchen, wiggled his eyebrows, and said "Looks like we're eating in candlelight tonight."  A second later he popped back in and asked, "The kids too?" Heehee.  Yes B the taters have to eat too.  They actually really enjoyed the novelty of a candlelight dinner, and even asked if we could light the candles again tonight. 
On another sort of nostalgic note I was in a local store today and as I was leaving saw an old game on one of their jewelry display tables.  It was a the game PIT.  I used to play this game with my Nanny Sheila all the time, and she always laughed so hard during it.  I don't think it is supposed to be funny but she thought it was hilarious.  I mentioned this to store owner and picked the game up to look at it.  He came over and said I could just have it!  It was just being used as a prop and he said he'd like to see it go home with someone who had a sentimental attachment to it.  Everybody now...AAWWWWWWW.  This seriously made my day!  I can't wait to teach the taters how to play. 
I am also really glad he decided to give it to me because I would have been tempted to buy it anyway. Now I can put that fourteen dollars toward something more fiscally responsible. Maybe another bag of nuts at the grocery store, or maybe fourteen boxes of hamburger helper!

Talk to ya soon,

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  1. Candlelight and PIZZA!! Yum!! You all loved it and it was not only when you were little. Probably off and on until you were around 16... then came your Prince Brent!! After that daily evening meals became not so often and much different with you, Eric, and Ali.