Monday, March 25, 2013

It's Spring and It's Snowing

I started this post a few days ago and ever since I typed the title I haven't been able to get "It's Spring and It's Snoowwing" (in a Buddy the Elf singing voice) out of my head.  This hasn't been helped by the fact that it has been sooo cold the snow has just kept coming down and blowing around for a couple days.  I feel like if it would just stop snowing I might have a good chance at getting Buddy the Elf out of my head. 

The cold weather came just as we started Spring Break so we weren't able to get out much.  I mostly tried to find ways to keep the taters entertained in their rooms so I could alternate between watching episodes of PLL and staring at the wall in silence.  That didn't work out as well as I had planned so we found some fun things to do indoors instead.  Below is a little review of what Spring Break looked like at the House of Farrer. 

The boys first float/fish/camp trip of the season.  They went down to the Buffalo river.  A little cooler than planned, but once B plans something it is going to happen.  The show must go on or something like that.
Meemaw, the taters, and I took an overnight road trip to Pine Bluff for a wedding, and to meet up with Ali on her way home for the break.  It was a long trip down and it culminated with the tyrant tater blowing chunks (isn't that one of the grossest terms ever) in his car seat when we were like five minutes out from our hotel.  Motherhood is a glamorous business folks.  We did have a great time at the wedding and we got to see lots of family we love but don't get to be around (or put in headlocks) nearly enough.  The first pic of M and E cracks me up.  I have no idea what they were doing.
Lunch date with the handsome Webb boys and their momma.  For the record I got a cute pic of these boys on the first try.  I took five pics of E and the tyrant tater and below is the best one of the bunch.  Oy.
Jump Zone with friends.  The tyrant tater wouldn't jump on anything.  He just tossed bouncy balls around all afternoon, and cried every time bigger kids took one from him.  I was trying to ignore his crying/fit throwing, and at one point I turned around and he was being rocked by a grandma-ish lady sitting on the bench behind me!  I guess she fell for the whole big puppy dog eyes filled with tears bit.  She looked sweet and harmless so I told her if she would just watch him for a sec I was gonna go grab a slushee and read for a bit.  Heehee.  ;)
Play time with Ali (and Cookie) at Nanny's house.  E spent the night with Ali a couple of times over break.  She was so excited to have her home.  They took me to lunch one afternoon and I got the impression E felt like I was in the way and hornin' in on her Ali time.  She couldn't get me dropped back off at my office soon enough!
M's first overnight at a friends house.  How cute are these two?  SO thankful it was his close friend Knox whose momma is also my good friend.  I didn't sleep at all and checked my phone several times in the middle of the night thinking I might need to race to Bella Vista to get my baby boy who just couldn't sleep without his momma around.  Turns out my "baby boy" is almost seven and doesn't think about me at all when he is having a blast at a friends house.  Sniff. 
First time to eat at Mellow Mushroom.  Ummmm...YUM!  They have those huge soft pretzels with cheese as an appetizer.  That's really all you need to know.
B worked a couple of double shifts so the kids wanted to have a "celebration" for him one night when he got home.  They drew pictures and we baked a cake.  The plan was to hide and surprise him, but when I saw M running around saying "caw caw" I didn't think anything of it.  Six year old boys do some weird things...I'm used to it.  Turns out the "caw caw" was the signal that B was coming.  Oops. I think he was still surprised.
The grand finale was a Chuck E Cheese birthday party for one of our family friends.  We said goodbye to Spring Break with cotton candy goo on our fingers and plastic frogs in our pockets.  What more could you ask for?  Ok...maybe there are some better things, but if you knew how much my kids LOVE cotton candy you would understand my thinking. :)
Talk to ya soon,

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