Friday, March 1, 2013

A Day In The Life - Part Time Working Momma

Today I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner for A Day in the Life.

I work three days a week, and am home with the kids two days a week.  Thursday I took notes and chronicled a day in my life as a part time working momma.  It's pretty detailed, but I think it will be fun to look back on and see how quickly life changes. 

I am working on a separate post for a day in my life as a part time SAHM.  Hopefully I will get it done this weekend. 

**Disclaimer:  E spent the night with Nanny and Papa Wednesday so her dramatic little self is missing from our Thursday morning routine.  She is SOOOO not a morning person. 

1:57am - My eyes first see Thursday morning when the tyrant tater wakes just before 2am.  I change his diaper, give him about three ounces of milk, and tuck him back in.  I go back to bed and fall right to sleep.
6:30am - My alarm goes off.  I hit snooze and sleep ten more minutes then get up and go wake M.  I get him dressed and get his breakfast.  I do most of this in a complete stupor.  Like my sweet E I am not a morning person.  It takes me awhile to adjust.  This whole kindergarten thing was a huge change for me. 

7:00pm - The tyrant tater starts to stir around so I change his diaper then tuck him back in.

7:15am - Brent comes home from work to take M to school.  After they leave I load the dishwasher, do a quick pickup in the living room, and start some laundry.  Since I'm feeling generous this morning, I straighten the bed up (fluff the pillows, turn back the covers, etc) so it will be extra nice and comfy for B to hop into later. I only do this once in awhile not everyday.
7:45am - I get in the shower wearing my old fashioned vinyl shower cap so I don't have to bother with drying my hair later.  At some point B returns home and comes into the bathroom to talk with me for a bit before he goes to bed.  Usually we discuss his workout or an arrest he made the night before.  Today we talk about his new found commitment to healthier eating.  All I can think is that I guess he isn't going to want the fish sticks I have planned for dinner tonight.
8:20am - I'm dressed and ready to go.  The shower cap may look goofy but it saves me LOTS of time getting ready.  I grab a snack and a glass of tea for me and pack the tyrant tater's bag for day care before waking him up.  He is not happy to see me this morning.  His face in the below pic says it all.  Heehee.  He is dressed and we are walking out the door by 8:40am.  He will just have a squeeze fruit and dry cereal for breakfast in the car.  Sparky is going to dog camp today so he loads up with us.
 9:00am - I arrive at my office where I will spend the day solving problems that will allow young Walmart and Target customers across the nation to purchase fashionable clothing at affordable prices.  Which means I will create lots of spreadsheets, send lots of emails, ship lots of samples, and drink lots of tea. 
2:30pm - I get in the car rider line to pick M up from school.  He will spend the afternoon at my office.  Today when I grab his name sign out of the glove box and throw it on my dash I notice there is a napkin stuck to it.  When I reach to try and grab it I realize it's no is a panty liner!  One of the littler taters carried it out to the car with them the other day and I just grabbed it and tossed it in the glove box.  I frantically struggle to reach the sign before anyone sees it.  I am sure no one was really looking in my car, but you know that feeling when you're sure everyone saw what just happened?  So embarrassing. 

My momma's a nut bag!
5:15pm - Leave the office.  Plan to stop by Dollar General real fast on the way home for milk.  While we are there M decides he just has to use the bathroom.  Like the kind that's gonna take awhile.  He has to go a lot and he doesn't discriminate against dirty bathrooms.  Bleh.  I could seriously write a Dr Suess style book about this boy and his pooing.  Something like I can do it in a store, I can do it on the shore, in the woods of vacant hoods (there's a true store there folks), while getting gas or catching bass, I can do it anywhere.  Anyway, what should have been a five minute stop turned into a thirty five minute stop. 

6:00pm - Pick Sparky up from camp.

6:10pm - Home!  B has already picked the tyrant tater up and E has just been dropped off from her overnight trip.  Makes me happy to see their sweet faces. 
6:15pm - M and E get in the bath while I fix dinner and B entertains the tyrant tater.  I finish the older taters baths and we eat dinner around 7pm.  Fish sticks for the taters and leftover soup for the parental units (you're welcome B). 

7:25pm - R baths in the sink while I do the dinner dishes.  He is getting a little big for the sink, but he is scared of the big bath tub.  For now we are just sticking with what we know works.  B and E play catch in the living room and M plays a game on the computer.
7:40pm - We all sit on the couch to read M's school book.  He is so excited about his first chapter book.  He already has a Spiderman one, but he says it doesn't count because it has some pictures in it.  Sound reasoning I suppose.
8:10pm - I put away laundry in the boys room while the taters (plus Sparky) play nicely run around like wild animals.
 8:40pm - Both boys go to bed.  E practices cutting index cards with her safety scissors while I visit with B for awhile.  Then I do some more laundry.  I know I've said it before but I really need a laundry fairy. 

9:15pm - E and I snuggle up on her bed.  She plays on the ipad while I finish a blog post from the weekend.  I check facebook and twitter so I can be sure I am up to date on all the latest news from the social media front.
10:00pm - I do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  Ok, that's a lie.  I think about doing 30 Day Shred.  Oh ok, that's a lie too.  What really happens is E and I move ourselves from her bed to the couch and watch an episode of Downton Abbey.  Happy now? 

11:00pm - Bed.  Me, E, and Sparky all head to my room and call it a night.  Zzzzzz.
Talk to ya soon,

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  1. WHEW!!! I AM WORN OUT JUST READING YOUR DAY!! In saying that, your Dad and I spend much time talking of the memories we have of those busy days but oh how enjoying they were. But I do remember the sleepless nights with lil ones waking up which was not a favorite of mine but I did increase my singing abilities and became quite talented in writing my own songs for each child..well not writing just singing them little angie, as sweet as can be, my little baby is oh so sleepy, and oh so dear to me!! One of my many originals in the tune of Rock a by baby