Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Lucky Weekend

I'm not really the lucky type, but I had a record breaking number of lucky things happen this weekend. My streak started when this happened at bath time on Friday night.  I'm sure you're confused.  The lucky part is that the dog didn't end up in the tub!  He has decided to take a bath with the taters on many occasions, and it is more than a little work to get him out and dry. 
Saturday morning the fundamental forces of nature aligned and this happened for the first time EVER.  The taters were all seated and quiet AT THE SAME TIME.  Lucky me.  I sat on the couch and stared at the wall for the entire thirty minutes they were still.  I also text my mom so she could share in my slothful joy. The unlucky part is that the show they were watching was something similar to Power Rangers, but not quite as good.  Yes it's possible.  When I googled The Aquabats this is what popped up "Here come The Aquabats! The first musical, crime-fighting super group in history!"  I think that tells you what you need to know.  Or actually what you didn't need to know at all.  You're welcome.
Later Saturday M decided he wanted to help with some chores so he vacuumed, made E's bed, and emptied the trash cans for me.  At one point he was having trouble with the vacuum cord and I asked if he needed help with it.  He said "nope...nothings too hard for a growing man."  Sound like his daddy much?   Hopefully I am lucky enough to keep this little man interested in chores...it will give me even more time to sit on the couch and stare at the wall.  ;)
Saturday night B and I had our second marriage enrichment class.  I didn't realize it was this weekend, so it was a lucky surprise for me to get to spend the evening with my love.  This lesson was about keeping track of the "deposits and withdraws" you make in your marriage.  I liked it, but what I liked best is that we won the door prize AGAIN.  Last time we won the journal and coupon book.  This time when my name was called I turned to tell B that we should probably just let someone else have the prize, but then I heard that it was a twenty five dollar gift card to Johnny Brusco's so I zipped my lips! 
We had dinner at Which Wich after class.  We had never been there before, and I was sooooo happy to find that they serve Mr. Pibb.  I am a Pibb girl, and it is hard to find around here.  See?  Lucky lucky lucky.  I honestly didn't love my wich, but I will definitely be back for the Pibb.  Brent, or rather Burt (he was dining as his alter ego), really liked his wich.

My streak continued into Sunday.  I felt lucky to wake up to such nice weather.  Actually, my kids were probably the lucky ones.  We have been a little stir crazy and Saturday afternoon I was starting to wonder if there was anyway we would all make it to Spring.  A day outside in the sun adjusted my attitude a bit, and I think we might make it after all. 
Talk to ya soon,

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