Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Randomonium

1.  A friend of mine posted a movie night pic on Instagram over Christmas break.  I noticed her  kids were snacking on Easy Cheese, and realized my kids had yet to be introduced to canned squirt cheese.    I immediately rectified that situation.  We got a little bored over break so one evening I entertained the taters with my Easy Cheese art skills.  I obviously missed my calling.  Don't be jealous we can't all be gifted.  The next day I walked into the kitchen to find E sucking on the end of the squirt nozzle.  I love a good food aversion so Easy Cheese is now dead to me.  And that's probably a good thing.
2.  I wore a little cross ring the other day that was the first piece of jewelry Brent bought me when we were SIXTEEN YEARS OLD.  I hadn't worn it in years (possibly a decade, but who wants to do the math).  I still like it.  Actually I like it more now than I did when it was new.  I looked it all day and realized it is one of those things that has gotten better with age.  I like it more now because it has an emotional significance.  Sigh.
3.  It's February, it's thirty degrees outside, and the dog has started shedding.  Someone please explain to me how this is possible.  Yuck YUck YUCk YUCK!  If he so much as walks past me little hairs come rushing toward me.  I might have to stop wearing the black yoga pants that are my uniform of choice.  Maybe I could trade them for white leggings...or maybe not.  Definitely not.  Public service announcement ladies: If you are over twenty-ish and/or over one hundred pounds don't try to "pull off" wearing white leggings.
4.  Last one for today.  Because she is so cute, and because I have probably been a bit too wordy already.  Love this tater!
Talk to ya soon,

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  1. This tater loves to be the only lil girl to take control of RHETT and MICHAEL!! She is so precious..nanny sheila loves her...