Friday, February 15, 2013

How I Spent My Valentines Day

B and I didn't have any special plans yesterday.  He had to work last night so we went to a movie Wednesday night, and are going on a date Saturday.  My friend Regan invited me to our church's Summit lunch.  I had never been before and it was really fun.  Dr. Floyd and his wife Jeana spoke about marriage and family.  I enjoyed listening to them.  I always like to hear people who have been married a long time talk about how they have made it work.  Plus, I got a free lunch!  B would be so proud of me.  Interesting fact about Regan (I am hoping she doesn't mind that I share) she wears a girls size 2.5 shoe!  Crazy right?  She is a little bitty lady.  I say this in part to explain why my head looks so big in the below pic. :)  
Since I was already in the Pinnacle area I decided to swing by the mall and see if I could put this Sephora card to good use.  This was a special treat for me because I had to cut myself off from Sephora years ago.  I was spending way too much money there each month.  It was ridiculous and I knew it.  Now I only go when I have a gift card to spend.  That's my policy.  I have had this card since my birthday last year.  See how disciplined I have become?  Please notice how big the inside of the new Mothership looks.  You would think I shuttle a baseball team instead of just the taters.
Happy Heart Day to me!
My mom dropped some goodies off at my office for the taters, and I added a couple things from us to her bags.  She always gets them really special Valentine treats.  They all got books, candy, and cake pops from Nanny.  M got pirate army men, Ellie got nail polish, and R got a bouncy ball (not the girly one in the pic) from us.
My plan was for E to let me paint her nails with her new polish, but instead she insisted on painting them herself.  Then she painted M's.  It ended up being a big mess, and I followed them around for the next hour screaming for them not to touch anything. 
I read the taters their new books, and tucked them into bed.  Then I did a couple loads of laundry because nothing says Happy Valentines Day like having clean undies to wear!   
Talk to ya soon,

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  1. know how much you liked the gift of the cleaning lady? You should put that in your budget and have her do a few loads of laundry also while there..she would even strip the bedding for you and place new ones...sounding better each minute????