Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm Betting on the Team from Oregon

So it was Superbowl weekend and we didn't do anything even remotely football related.  We ate a lot, but we do that every weekend so I don't think it counts.  I didn't even know what teams were playing until Saturday afternoon.  Technically B told me what teams on Friday night, but he was wrong about one of them.  Good thing I didn't go crazy buying sweatshirts and hats for the fam.  Our extreme lack of interest in pro football is obviously something we have in common.  He corrected himself on Saturday and told me the San Fran 49'ers and Baltimore Ravens were in the Superbowl.  To which I made some sort of comment about how nice it was that the game was in New Orleans because no one would want to go to Oregon for it.  And cue the crickets (chirp, chirp, or whatever sound they make).  I think now is a good time to confess I am a reformed geographobe, and sometimes I fall off the wagon. ;)  In my defense I think Baltimore, Oregon has a nice ring to it. 

We did have a lot of non football related fun this weekend.  Ellie has been on a kick of spending at least one night each weekend with her grandparents.  Saturday she stayed with my mom and dad.  Added bonus was my sister is home for awhile recovering from surgery.  I know E was excited to see her.  Cousin Brey was also at my mom's yesterday afternoon.  E is over the moon about him, and they play so good together.  She spends a lot of time playing dolls now.  It is so funny to listen to her talk to them.  Makes me wonder if that's what she thinks I sound like when I talk to babies.
The tyrant tater is really coming on with his eating.  It is such a relief after all these months of not eating at all.  He talks a lot when we are around the house.  His newest words are shoes, socks, thank you, Sparky, yucky, and ball-in-there (said as if it's one word).  Every time I turn around he is sitting by or laying on the dog.  He takes his toys and snacks straight to wherever Sparky is and plops down beside him.  I got these pics of him doing it this weekend.

Michael had a low key weekend.  I was still trying to make him a rest a bit since he didn't feel well last week.  Brent took him to game exchange Friday so he was ok to just chill and play his new game most of the weekend.  He stayed with Meemaw and Pawpaw after dinner yesterday and watched the Superbowl with them.
Peepaw and his grand boys.  :)
M and Ashleigh

 I got to go to a shower for a sweet girl whose husband works with Brent this weekend.  Baby Hudson will be here in March!  I love seeing all the cute itty bitty baby stuff at baby showers.  I got to hold two brand new babies while I was there too.  Made me realize how quickly my babies are growing up.  Sniff sniff.

Talk to ya soon,

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  1. LITTLE RHETT WAS A JOY AND BLESSING ON SATURDAY. HE IS TALKING ALOT!!! He was so, so good. Mandi has great pics of Ellie and Bray. They had so much fun!!