Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sometimes Productivity is Overrated

The taters have been working hard to drive one another crazy lately.  I am normally fine with this and read on my kindle or fold laundry (you know, my second favorite past time...bleh) while they scream and wreak general havoc on the house.  However, this Saturday I decided we were going to have a productive day together.  I was prompted in part by B mentioning that he has not been able to sleep well with all noise in the house.  I made a no electronics rule as soon as the kids woke up and made their favorite pancakes and eggs for breakfast.  Things went downhill pretty quickly after breakfast.  I attempted to have us all color some pictures together, but turns out the tyrant tater doesn't play well with markers.  Imagine that.  I also had the brilliant idea that we could all have fun playing army men together, but that didn't go well either.  Evidently, the littler taters and I don't have the skills it takes to play army men on the same level as M.  Oy!  We finally left him to play in his room and we retreated to the living room.  For the next forty five minutes or so I sat on the couch and these two sat on either side alternating between hugging me, throwing things at me, and serenading me with Disney songs while I made funny faces, tried unsuccessfully to juggle, and sang Old McDonald (the tyrant tater's favorite) until my eyes crossed.
It didn't seem they were going to tire easily nor did they seem motivated to move from beside me on the couch, so I decided that we were all going to play in M's room even if it killed us.  We went back in, much to M's distress, and I locked the door to make sure there would be no sneaking out.  Then I laid on M's bed with a pillow over my head for the next hour or so while the taters played Candy Land and Go Fish.  Just kidding...about the Candy Land and Go Fish.  I really did lay on the bed with a pillow over my head.  I think they forget I'm there when they can't see me (or in this case my face) and they actually behave better.  I can't explain it, but it's true.

The taters were signed up for PNO Saturday so the next stage of productive day was supposed to be preparing a dinner in for B and I.  The dinner fairy was a no show so we had to eat out instead.  Darn.  I chose Taste of Thai.  YUM.  B insists on making this face every time I try to take his pic so I'm just going to go with it.   I call this his "Roger face" because it reminds me of his brother.
We considered going to a movie after dinner, but opted to go home and watch a movie instead.  We love to lounge around and watch movies, but that is near impossible with the taters.  Plus, a person just needs to rest after a day of attempted productivity.  ;)  A single friend on facebook posted last week that he had just woken up from a late evening nap and was trying to debate whether to get up or just lounge around his apartment.  I wanted to scream at him to STAY IN BED because someday you'll have a tater/taters running around and it won't even be an option. 

We had some snow today and are waiting to see if the forecasted ice hits tonight.  Every time I mention school M reminds me that there's a good chance he won't have school tomorrow.  He even apologized for "all that money" I spent on his field trip that he is sure will be cancelled.  Heehee.  Remember how exciting snow days were when you were a kid? 

Talk to ya soon,

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  1. days of attempted productivity....I've had those too. oh well....tomorrow's a new day!