Thursday, September 13, 2012

These Boots are Made for Walking

M got new boots last weekend, and he's been bugging me to wear them to school every day since.  However, he has PE each day except Thursday.  I am sure this has something to do with the current epidemic of childhood obesity, and I am all for it.  But when you have a little boy with new cowboy boots it is hard to explain that although his boots are made for walking they are not made for running around in gym class.

Alas Thursday has arrived, and we broke out the boots this morning.  Here is our little man modeling (to the best of his ability) for me.  The shoot was cut a little short because, as evidenced in the last photo, the Ipad was calling his name. 

Ellie is also quite taken with his new boots, and has found a way for her little feet to be in them several times while M was away from the house.  Shhh...keep it on the down low...he would totally not go for this!
School pictures are today and before he left M told me that the announcements said to bring your brightest smile for your picture.  Then he beamed and said "I'm bringing my bright smile and my boots!"  Sounds like he is going to let his light shine today!  :)

Talk to ya soon,

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