Sunday, September 9, 2012

Football, Robots, and Matrimony

Michael’s first flag football game was Saturday morning.  Brent was not home so in an attempt to get M pumped up I gave him a little pre-game speech, shook him around a bit, and slapped his butt a few times.  This conversation followed.

ME: Do you feel ready for the game?

M: Yep…I have happy dreams in my head.

ME: (Confused) Dreams about the game?

M:  No, dreams about living in a candy machine fort and having an army of robots that do everything I tell them to.

Obviously, my speech lacked a little of the gusto needed to motivate a six year old boy at eight o’clock on a Saturday morning!  Even so, he did well in the game.  He even pulled a flag…not the flag of the boy who had the ball, but still a flag.  That counts to a momma. 

Here are some game shots of our number 12.

He did alot of excited jumping up and down.

This little girl needed no speech to get her prepared.  She woke up, heard we were going to a football game, and put her game face on.  She grabbed her bat and a wiffle ball on the way out the door.  

The littlest tater was just along for the ride.
Last night an old friend of Brent’s had a celebration of marriage in Fayetteville.  These are the only pics I got.  The venue was so beautiful, and Brent had a nice time getting to visit with an old friend.
Brent and Jason
Pratt Place Barn - Soooo pretty!
While we were at the reception Brent's parents watched all the taters.  M and E were spending the night, but we were going to pick R up on our way home.  When we got there M answered the door and immediately turned around and yelled "Rhett your parents are here."  Hahaha.  I am glad they love and are able to spend time with their grandparents. 

Talk to ya soon,

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  1. I think if I were on the football team I would be running quick if I saw who was standing on the sidelines with a bat in hand and a look like that on their face!! So, so funny!!