Sunday, September 23, 2012

He's Baaack!

Sparky is back from the trainer and better than ever!  The kids and I are excited to have him home.  Brent is somewhat indifferent, but I can tell we are wearing him down.  Sparky's behavior is much improved and has really learned his manners now.  If anyone has a pet in need of some training I would highly recommend Barkansas Dog Academy.  Kristen knows her stuff and can help with all kinds of behavioral issues.  She has obedience classes starting in Rogers this week!
Thanks Kristen!
The littlest tater and "dog" have become fast friends.  I guess they have a lot in common.  They share an affinity for balls, snacks, and traveling on all fours.  :) 

 I sent this out to a few family members already, but those for those who haven't seen baby R is finally starting to take some steps.  He got on a roll the other night, and I got this sweet video of him.  I am not sure if the volume will come through but I am laughing like a goon, and yes I do call him "tootie" and "tootalicious."

I really feel like the crazy is taking over here so lately so I thought I would share the below. In case there is a day when the doc asks my family, "Do you remember when she really started losing it?” They will be able to look back and say without hesitation that it was around September 2012.

Crazy #1~  I lost my debit card in wal-mart the beginning of last week.  Immediately after I checked out I realized it was missing.  I searched my purse a few times, all my grocery sacks, my person etc.  Didn't find it  Called the store a few times to see if it had been turned in, called arvest a few times to see if it had been turned it, and finally convinced myself I had thrown it in the trash with a candy wrapper while leaving the store.  Friday morning I called and cancelled it.  Friday night R, in what could have been an audition for Babies Gone Wild, grabbed my purse off the counter and dumped the contents on the floor.  Low and behold what magically appeared?  My debit card.  Grrr.

Crazy #2~  I have a slight obsession with Vicks.  We use it a lot.  I blame my mom.  R had been congested this past week so we have been using Baby Vicks each night.  One night it went missing.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  I checked all the obvious places and E's room because she's known to stash HBA products in there.  It never turned up.  Until the next morning when I opened the fridge to get some milk and there it was.  Sitting on the shelf with the yogurt and jello!

Talk to ya soon,


  1. I have had a scratchy throat these past two days and I found myself making a checklist of medicine I need with Vicks being at the top. I blame mom too. R cracked me up with his walking. Wish I was there to see it!

  2. Oh dear Lord!!! The life of raising the "Taters".

    Isnt is wonderful? That is a song, right? The video of Rhett is too precious & his determination is obvious. I believe he now realizes he will be able to have more say in the games and what goes on around his home once he can catch up with brother and sister! Now begins the fun!!