Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

It has been HOT HOT HOT here this week.  I am a big fan of hot weather and don't mind to be out in it, but this has been a bit much even for me.  I am not normally a sweaty type of gal, but I have seriously shed some water weight this week. 

We have been a doing a lot of this.

Ellie is painting my toenails with a blade of grass here.  She was
really intent. I foresee some free pedicures in my future!

 And a little of this.

Michael has been going to VBS at FBC Bentonville all this week.  They have had a HUGE turnout.  I think around 700 kids each day!  The theme is "Sky - Everything is Possible with God."  He is having a great time.  FBC was our home church for many years and we still have lots of good friends there.  They do an amazing job with their kids programs.

My goal here was to get the really awesome stage
decoration in the picture.  Obviously a photography
fail.  But at least this cute kid jumped in the pic.

I would like to think this is some move that goes
with one of the songs they have been learning, but
I suspect it is a Michael original!

He specifically requested a photo in front of these flags and the
Marine flag above.  Quite the patriot!
We have also been inside alot when the heat just gets to be too much.  Rhett has been perfecting his scooting, and melting my heart with those big grins (this skill was perfected months ago).  Ellie has been honing her dance skills with the assistance of the cast from Yo Gabba Gabba!  She is a nut.

Hope you are enjoying your Summer and staying cool!! 

Talk to ya soon,


  1. Haha! Nice pose Michael! Cute little dancer. :)

  2. This is so adorable!