Monday, April 29, 2013

Noteworthy Nuances

Life has been happening here at House of Farrer much the same as usual.  Brent was out of town for a week at SWAT school so I stayed busy playing chauffeur a bit more than normal.  Plus I had to get up earlier and get all the taters ready to leave the house in time to take M to school each morning.  This is no small feat for me friends.  I think I've said it a thousand and the early morning are not friends.  But it was all totally worth it because now we have a bona fide SWAT, Special Weapons And Tactics, (I had to google that) officer living under our roof.  ;)

Here's a quick rundown of the handful of notable things that happened while B was away.  Ooops almost forgot we were able to have a little dinner/ice cream date downtown before he left.  I documented it with one of my soon to be famous self portraits.  I think I really need to work on the angle.  It was prom night so we drove down to Bogle Park and reminisced about Bentonville proms past.
My mom had a birthday and turned another year younger.  We celebrated at my bro and SIL's.  I have a few pics but all I can really remember clearly is a HUGE bowl of homemade whipped cream and butter pound cake.  Sigh. 
Nanny and Rhett
The Girls.  Mom, E, Me, and Mandi.
Michael's class got to perform at Rise 'n Shine and he got his AR tee.  I didn't get any good pics of the performance, but it was really fun.  Rise 'n Shine didn't disappoint.  It was like a mini elementary school version of the Wal-Mart Shareholders meeting.  I could have done without hearing Celebrate Good Times on repeat at 7:25am.  I sort of like to get pumped up for the day in SILENCE, but that's probably just me.
Tyrant Tater could have done without the music too!
Michael also lost his two front teeth in two days.  He lost one eating at my mom's office and his teacher pulled the other one for him at school.  She even put it in a really cool treasure box looking tooth keeper for him.  It was the envy of the younger taters for days. 
Ellie Rose came to work woth me one day and I dressed her in a little Spring "business casual" outfit.  Could she be any cuter?
Michael had his AWANA awards ceremony.  He had just gotten his hair cut earlier that day.  He kept joking that people weren't gonna know who he was with no teeth and no hair!

E, M, and our friend Sophie.  Cuties!
We had a great weekend.  B found us another cabin in the woods to relax at.  I'll share about that later.
Talk to ya soon,