Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Five Things I'm Loving About Spring

1.  Tulips.  Tulips are my third favorite flower (behind Calla Lilies and Gerber Daisies), and they are blooming everywhere right now.  I've been buying fresh ones at the store for our kitchen.
2.  Sunscreen.  It's been hot and sunny enough that we've had to breakout the sunscreen a few times in the last week or so.  Woohoo...we don't mind at all!  E was even talking about how good sunscreen smelled when we put it on her this weekend. 

3.  The New Mothership.  More precisely, the roll down rear window feature in the new Mothership.  The back windows in the old van were sealed tight so this is a novelty for us.  B said the other day it was almost like having a convertible.  Bahaha.  I guess it's pretty obvious we've never actually owned a convertible!

4.  Bradford Pear Trees.  The small Bradford Pear in our front yard has blossomed.  It's the only tree in our yard.  I'm glad it's a pretty one!
5.  Tyrant Tater Sliding.  TT has figured out how to climb up and go down the slide by himself.  It's fun to watch.  :)  I got him on video the other morning.
Talk to ya soon,

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