Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Parade and Erob's Birthday

This weekend we took the taters to the Christmas Parade on the Bentonville Square.  It was a great parade with tons of floats and the kids had fun.  The weather was really nice.  A couple years ago it was so cold B and I could not wait for it to be over.  We REALLY can't function in cold weather.  :/
The BHS marching band was toward the end of the parade and when they went by B and I were laughing at this dog next to us, who was completely freaking out, and we sort of forgot about the older taters for a second.  When we turned around this is what they were both doing.  Oops.  I guess they were a little freaked out too. 
The parade theme this year was Holiday Traditions Around the World so most of the floats were multi cultural themed and some of them displayed flags from other countries.  M, who is quite the patriotic little soul, looked at me toward the end of the parade and said, "All these flags and I've only seen one United States flag the whole time...everyone should be flying America's flag"!  He notices the craziest things, and I can't say I disagree with him. 
We also celebrated Erob's birthday this weekend.  Mandi had a party at their house.  We ate Mexican food, Fred's cheesecake, homemade cinnamon rolls, and homemade chocolate pie.  I know you'll be shocked to hear that no one asked me to bring anything "homemade" for dinner.  ;) 
Mandi, Brey, Eric, Evan, and his MIL Jaci
The Robinson clan.  Plus the taters and minus Ali.  We missed you sista!
Brey and Ellie
Fred's Cheesecake!

These cousins  have always been good friends, and have the best time playing together.  One of their favorite past times is wrestling.  It must be a boy thing because now their little brothers are doing it too!  I don't think Brey knew what hit him when the tyrant tater started tackling him.  Heehee.
B is on vacation for the next few weeks and we are all pretty excited about having home.  We have lots of fun things planned.  Only 12 days till Christmas!!!  Are you done with your shopping?  We're not even close, but hoping to put a big dent in it tomorrow!
Talk to ya soon,

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  1. Daddy seems to be enjoying the life at home with the taters!! I am sure they are enjoying having him home as the last picture certainly shows!