Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Few School Things

Just a quick post to document a couple of school events that happened recently.  :)

Miss E had her end of the year program at pre-school.  Her class sang a few songs and we had a cookie and juice snack in her cafeteria.  Like her brother before her, she was very into the performance.  She let me put her hair in a rockin' side ponytail that morning.  Super cute.  Wish she would let me do her hair more often!
Earlier this week M had his Kindergarten Pirate Adventure. It was my day off so the little taters and I went.  It was so fun and super chaotic.  In the world of a kindergartner I think that means it was a huge success.  M was so sweet to E and let her walk around with him all morning.  I could see him telling her what to do every step of the way.  That boy likes to tell someone what to do.  Must get that from his dad.  ;)  How cute is the photo booth pic and the hand holding in the bottom one?  TT is really digging holding hands right now.  Awww.
Talk to ya soon,

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